13 juillet 2024

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Cabourg, it’s over: And to think that it was the city … of the Romantic Film Festival

From June 12 to 16, 2024, Cabourg was the city of the Romantic Film Festival.

From June 12 to 16, 2024, Cabourg was the city of the Romantic Film Festival.

Calvados! Normandy! The Côte Fleurie! And the immense beach of blond sand with its white and blue striped cabins, lined up all along the Promenade Marcel Proust, at the foot of the legendary Grand Hotel where the soul of … Marcel Proust still hovers. Very romantic!
Inaugurated in 1907, the establishment is the sumptuous setting of this Festival.

Now listed as a Historic Monument, it is part of the prestigious circle of Historic Hotels WorldWide which brings together nearly 300 hotels with a historic character around the world.
Moving from literary art to the 7th art, it has hosted numerous productions, including “La Dentellière”, “La Boum”, “Le Coeur des hommes”, “Intouchables”.

From 1907 to 1914, the writer, heir to an immense fortune, would regularly come on holiday to this sumptuous and modern palace to find peace and quiet, far from Paris and the gigantic metro works, compared to which those currently being undertaken for the Olympic Games seem quite insignificant.
Comfortably installed in a simple room, with a desk and library, the prolific author, inspired by the tranquility of the place, wrote.

He even rented the two neighbouring rooms, “to lock in the silence”, he said.

Under his pen, several chapters of his masterpiece, “In Search of Lost Time”, a work published in seven volumes, including “Swann’s Way” were developed.

Swann! One of the most important characters in the novel, who would give his name to the trophies awarded each year for 38 years to the prizewinners at the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival.

Three selections: Feature Film, Short Film, Panorama, with romanticism as the central theme.
The 2024 edition is “resolutely focused on Asia and Scandinavia”, specified the artistic director, Félix Chrétien.
Some films are screened in preview in the Panorama category, such as “All We Imagine As Light”, an Indian film, Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.

The Cabourg jury, chaired by Virginie Efira, was responsible for awarding the Grand Prize, the Youth Prize, the Audience Prize, and finally those for best actress and best actor.

A Golden Swann and multiple Swanns …
The full list of winners in my previous article, “The Cabourg Romantic Film Festival”.

Apart from the awards, several films were shown in special screenings:

“Elle & Lui Et Le Reste Du Monde”, directed by Emmanuelle Belohradsky with Victor Belmondo, grandson of her illustrious grandfather.
“Le fil” by Daniel Auteuil.
“La famille Hennedricks” by Laurence Arné, partner of Dany Boon and mistress of Gino, her cute little puppy.
“Un Amour impossible” by Catherine Corsini with Virginie Efira and her partner Niels Schneider.
“Le coeur qui bat” by Vincent Delerm.
“Dans l’ombre” by Pierre Schoeller and Guillaume Senez.

The Cabourg Romantic Film Festival, a magnificent festival that highlights films dedicated to reverie, passion and love.

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