26 février 2024

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Women’s Rugby – Elite1: ASM Romagnat loses to Blagnac

The Blagnac players had to battle ASM Romagnat 29 to 21 this Sunday.

The match of the 5th day of Women’s Elite 1 not played last weekend of January 22 between ASM Romagnat and Blagnac, due to very wintry weather, was rescheduled for Sunday January 29 at 3 p.m.

ASM Romagnat played their late Women’s Elite 1 match against Blagnac on Sunday January 29.

The Blagnac players had to battle this Sunday against ASM Romagnat and wait to sign a fifth victory 29 to 21 in as many games.

Despite a penalty from Abadie, Blagnac struggled to get out of his camp, oppressed by the opposing aggressiveness on the tackles and in the rucks.

Fortunately for the locals, the punch of Vernier and Dupouy brought enough dynamism to turn the tide. Dupouy received a perfect diagonal at the foot of Abadie then Boulard took the interval to give a comfortable advantage when returning to the locker room.

Blagnac continued the momentum with a power try from Khaiza. We thought then that the break was done but Auvergne determination and opportunism pushed the Caouecs to clumsiness…

Despite everything and at the end of a match as committed as it was complex to play, the Blagnacaises managed to avoid the trap of the cold and the Auvergnates.

For the moment, we can say that it was the most complicated match to negotiate for Blagnac. The leader of group 2 indeed had to fight against Auvergnats from Romagnat who were solid in conquest and rather pragmatic.

Both sides play great. The “yellow and blue” were trailing 15-7 at half-time but will show character by scoring two tries including one converted which will allow them to pass more in front 22-7.

The girls of Blagnac then regain the advantage thanks to a converted try 27 to 14 and in the last minutes of the match, the Auvergnates will try everything to score but will make some small errors which will prevent them from winning.

The Blagnac players had to battle ASM Romagnat 29 to 21 this Sunday.

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