21 juin 2024

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Fresh Mag Paris, the new trendsetter

Nwespaper is like haute couture, it's not necessarily profitable, but it gives the image.

While the press community encountered some difficulties, magazines continued to believe in it and launched the crazy bet to get out. This is the case with Fresh Mag Paris, a magazine on the lookout for new products. Yes, Lifestyle is trendy … In collaboration with blogger Parisabor, its director could have made do with a digital version, but no. For him, media necessarily rhymes with paper. “I love paper and find it really noble. Anyone can have a webzine, but a print magazine gets you off the ground, especially right now. A paper article gives more credibility and notoriety to brands. Paper is like haute couture, it’s not necessarily profitable, but it gives the image. “Although already an editor for FDF Paris Mag and Faust Mag, with Fresh Mag Paris he realizes his dream of having his own print magazine and of sharing his experiences, his outlook and his knowledge of what is a real passion as many people as possible. .

So what about the editorial line? A premium lifestyle media, Fresh Mag Paris will above all have the stature of a guide dedicated to French savoir vivre. Distributed in 7000 copies in Ile de France, this four-monthly Freemium will give pride of place to gastronomy, hotels, travel, fashion, beauty, decoration, High Tech and cars. In short, full of essential ideas and 100% Lifestyle themes that will appeal to a large CSP ++ readership.

While awaiting its release at the end of October, it is already possible to read articles online at www.freshmagparis.com. So we’ll only say one thing: “Welcome to Fresh Mag!” ”

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