22 juin 2024

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THE SUNSETE FESTIVAL , The Film Festivals in Occitanie

Le Sunsète Festival s’est tenu du 30 juin au 3 juillet dernier. Cette 5ième édition présente une nouvelle esquisse des futurs Sunsète Festival ;

The Sunsète Festival was held from June 30 to July 3. This 5 th edition presents a new sketch of future Sunsète Festival ; 

The Inauguration was held on the private beach ” La Canopée ” in Sète in the presence of François Commeinhes, Mayor of the city of Sète, Laurent Mesguich, President and founder of the Sunsète Festival, Emmanuelle Caquille, Artistic director for the Sunsète Festival , Claude Gendreau-Muslin, Deputy Mayor, Jeanne Corporon, Deputy Mayor of Sète in charge of the Centenary of Georges Brassens, Serge Regourd, President of the Culture and Audiovisual Commission at the Regional Council, representing Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie region , Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Gilles d’Ettore, Mayor of the city of Agde and his partner were also present as well as Vincent Truc.  

Indeed, this presentation is new in the sense that it addresses a Festival, A Film, A Series unlike previous editions which presented a selection of short films with a Gold Urchin designed by Xavier Llongueras, Trophy awarded to the winner of the best short film by a jury as well as many other prizes with an Honorary President and guests.

Following the major upheavals due to the COVID crisis, the changes in the consumption of leisure, culture and life, which this crisis has generated ; The Sunsète Festival realized that the Cinema could be viewed on several media, in several ways and that it could also be done more quickly with less financial means and could be distributed on platforms, new broadcasting media. 

This 5 th edition presented in parallel films and series in which the public discovered filmmakers, authors (facilitators), actors (rices), actors (iennes) both in their role behind the camera than in front as an actor. It is no longer the medium that makes the cinema, but the talented men and women who use the various existing media in perpetual evolution.

The Sunsète Festival 2021 was adorned with new colors, audiovisual trends, creativity by welcoming Igor Gotesman (Producer of the Family Business series), director, actor, Remi Leautier (producer of Balle Perdue), Olivier Roelens (Executive producer France TV Studio) and Sophie Ferrario (Producer of the series Demain belongs to us).

Round Tables were held with directors, actors and producers who came to give their opinion on their respective professions with Stéphanie Chermont as mediator of the Round Tables ; Olivier Rosemberg, actor, Julie Piaton, actress, Louise Coldefy, actress, Catherine Alric, actress also came to discuss their role in both films and series. 

Among the many guests and personalities, the Sunsète Festival welcomed David Diane, director, Antoine Marleau, Chief Operator, Nicolas Lopez, director, Olivier Roelens, executive producer France TV Studio and his production team, Gael Ollier and his wife, Gérard Corporon , director, Kader Bouallagua, actor, Le Barber des Rappeurs and many members of the film industry and many others….

The Sunsète Festival, revisited, made a success thanks to the whole team of volunteers, the partners, the technical team allowing the public to watch the films either indoors or outdoors.

It was a very nice opening night accompanied by Paul-Éric Laurens, journalist and by a musician for the musical atmosphere.

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