20 juin 2024

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The French Dandy, luxury clothing brand present at the Cannes International Film Festival

French fashion designer Hamza Jamad, creator of the luxury clothing brand ''The French Dandy'', is in Cannes for the International Film Festival.

French fashion designer Hamza Jamad, creator of the luxury clothing brand ”The French Dandy”, is in Cannes for the International Film Festival.

It is the HMH boutique in Cannes which houses some representative pieces of Hamza’s creations, evening dresses, jackets, blazers, suits, for women, for men and for children.

In 2014, at the age of 18, he left Grenoble, the city where he was born, to go on an adventure and discover another world.
His choice fell on Dubai, the richest and most ”bling-bling” city in the Middle East, but also an international tourist, commercial and financial crossroads.

Enthusiastic by the bustling life of this exceptional place, he decides to settle there.
He is learning English and everything will go very quickly there.
He leaves for Qatar, becomes a shop supervisor then a salesman at The Kooples store, the opportunity for interesting training, meets a personal shopper-stylist girl who invites him everywhere and with whom he will collaborate.

”I already liked being well dressed and I dreamed of dressing others.

He became a personal shopper-stylist himself, a grueling and stressful job, and then decided to create his own clothes and sell them.
Return to Dubai.

He created first for himself, then for a model friend.
He finds a particularly talented Indian tailor who makes his clothes for him.

After six months, he was spotted by an international star, the American rapper Fetty Wap (8 million views on Instagram) whom he dressed, jacket and pants, for an important concert…
And then he explodes.

Swae Lee, the American rapper (12 million views on Instagram) calls on him.
Then, Christian Louboutin, the French designer of luxury shoes and handbags, the singer Gim’s, Vincent Poirier, the French basketball player, wear his creations…

It moves towards exclusivity, models limited to 5 pieces, entirely handmade and tailor-made.
He goes to India to work on his own silk fabrics with paisley patterns.

Reconnecting with its Moroccan origins, it is also inspired by Arabic calligraphy, notably from the Museum of the Future in Dubai, a monument dedicated to innovative scientific and futuristic approaches in the shape of a torus with openings resembling calligraphy and drawing a poem talking about the future.

From 3 designers, it goes to 7. Use of noble, colorful, multi-colored fabrics, as the stars like them.
French elegance.

He plans to make accessories, bags, shoes (he likes Gucci, a brand that goes well with his style), household linens in partnership with Mekni Hajrah, owner of the HTM boutique.
A perfume is even in the testing phase.

Hamza has a big project that is particularly close to his heart!
Create a unique model, a work of art which would not be for sale, but intended to be exhibited in prestigious places around the world…
And in Cannes, like everywhere else in the world, you will never see Hamza’s face.
When we take his photo, he puts his hand over his eyes or takes a veil out of his hat…
And then we only see her sumptuous clothes…

Instagram: @thefrenchdandy
HMH boutique, luxury lingerie, furniture, decoration, opened in 2016 by Mekni Hajrah, 2 rue Lafayette in Cannes.

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