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On Sunday July 30, the 16th summer Traversée de Paris in vintage vehicles brought together nearly 700 vehicles over 30 years old, on the theme of the capital's squares.

On Sunday July 30, the 16th summer Traversée de Paris in vintage vehicles brought together nearly 700 vehicles over 30 years old, on the theme of the capital’s squares.

Organized by Vincennes en Anciennes, the largest multi-brand club in France, this gathering brought together cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, light commercial vehicles and tractors (mainly from Normandy). There were the most varied models, from the rarest to the most popular, as well as brands that sometimes disappeared from all countries (French, British, Italian, German, American, Swedish or Japanese. The crews all dressed in white, had come from a almost everywhere (France, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and elsewhere). For those who do not have old ones, the Crossing could be done on board buses from the 1930s by reservation (limited number of places). departure at 8:30 am from Vincennes, arrival in Meudon from La Traversée de Paris en Anciennes also takes place in winter, the 24th winter edition will take place January 2024.


This Traversée de Paris is an original way to discover the capital. Part of the esplanade of the castle of Vincennes (94), it joined the Terrace of the Observatory of Meudon (92), combining driving pleasure and tourism. It was an opportunity for Parisians, tourists and vintage car aficionados to admire emblematic and historic vehicles during a meeting of rolling and architectural heritage on a 4-hour course for a cruising speed of 30 km/ h revealing 39 places out of nearly 500 in the capital through 11 arrondissements.

The departure of the Crossing was 8:30 a.m., forecourt of the Château de Vincennes. The route included several stages including Place de la Bastille, around 8:30 a.m., Place Edmond Rostand near the Luxembourg Gardens around 9:15 a.m., Place Vauban (75007) around 10 a.m., Place de Clichy (75009) around 11 a.m., Place des Ternes (75017) around 11:30 am, arrival Terrasse de l’Observatoire in Meudon (92) from noon. The car exhibition was held in Meudon until 4 p.m.

Arrival in Meudon

Upon arrival on the Terrace of the Observatory of Meudon, the traditional picnic in the middle of the vehicles awaited the participants and the onlookers (and their picnic) who had made the trip to meet the crews and learn from them. advantage on the history of these old models while immortalizing the moment by taking photos. An orchestra accompanied the event, to dance even in period dress. A village of exhibitors composed mainly of professionals specialized in vintage cars offered many services and partners on specific sites for new exhibitions. Among the usual stands are the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles, which exhibits beautiful models and the National Union of Historical Military Vehicles Collectors, which had set up a campaign garage with spectacular heavy vehicles dating from the second world War.

What is Vincennes en Anciennes?

Created in 1998, Vincennes en Anciennes (VEA) is the first French multi-brand association of vintage cars. The association has more than 1,200 members (men and women) and represents a fleet of 3,000 cars. Trustees are active members of marquee clubs, and the association holds a gathering on the first Sunday of each month except August. VEA also participates in many other events or parades such as Heritage Days, the Telethon, shows dedicated to vintage cars (Automédon, Rétromobile, Reims, etc.). It also organizes the 2 sessions of the Traversée de Paris per year: in summer, at the end of July or the beginning of August and in winter, at the beginning of January.

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