13 juillet 2024

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Do you know how to vote for your future?

According to the French point of view, no party is worthy of current politics. Whether left or even center or right, not to mention the extremes, they have greatly disappointed and even disoriented their supporters over the past 12 years.

According to the French point of view, no party is worthy of current politics. Whether left or even center or right, not to mention the extremes, they have greatly disappointed and even disoriented their supporters over the past 12 years.

After the first round of the legislative elections, which took place on June 30, we found the National Rally party in first place. It thus managed to attract the attention of the French to vote in their favor. As a result, 3 out of 10 French people gave their vote to this far-right party.

Which party should win the legislative power after tonight’s elections?

I am left-wing. The essential point in this period is the second round of the legislative elections. We have a far-right majority: more than 30% of voters voted for the far-right in the first round. But in second place in the first round of the legislative elections is the New Popular Front, which is a coalition composed of several left-wing parties such as the Green Party, France Insoumise, the Socialist Party, but also other small parties that joined to form the NFP. Everything was decided after the dissolution of the assembly by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, in order to block the far right. Since such a coalition did not exist in the European elections, each left-wing voter voted differently for different parties, which is why the National Rally was able to obtain a majority of seats in the European elections. Today, in the second round of the legislative elections, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation of potential cohabitation.

Who do you think you will vote for?

I will vote for the NFP. Because as we can see in some European countries where the far right is in power, it is a disaster both socially and financially. These far-right governments do not govern to support social rights, human rights or to promote freedom of the press and freedom in all areas. This is why we must create this barrier, and vote for the NFP to create a barrier against the RN.

Why did 30% of the French vote go to the National Rally?

From my point of view, we have had a mixture of left-wing governments, which have not governed properly, just as we have had a center-right government for 7 years, which has not governed properly either, leading to a complicated economic context. Thus, more and more people have become precarious, this has led to a general fed-upness with the politics of the way France is governed. Some voters say to themselves: “we have tried the left, we have tried the center, we have tried the right, we are going to try the far right to see if something changes”.

“Jordan Bardella has reached, on social networks, a female and young audience that RN did not have until today. At the same time, it is also a digital socialization like tik-tok, which has taken on a large scale and ended up invading the daily lives of voters, very well adapted and disseminated with a specification on the use of tik-tok, etc. etc … which has played in favor of the RN”

“And a third point would be fear. As I said earlier, people are precarious because of the last seven years led by the government of Emmanuel Macron. Not being able to reach the end of the month financially speaking, fearing the slightest tax increase or simply what life has in store for them, the National Rally plays on people’s fear to win by using immigration, racism, homophobia and xenophobia to explain the awkward situations that the French are experiencing, when the only culprit is the government.

Do you think that President Emmanuel Macron would have a share of responsibility, by using the 100 low-cost products of the RN project, during the 2022 election campaign? And did it confuse people to see the RN project as feasible?

This is a great responsibility of President Emmanuel Macron because he made the decision to dissolve the National Assembly. As mentioned above, for more than seven years, the rich have become richer, the poor more precarious, it is the fault of the current government and obviously Emmanuel Macron has something to do with it since he has not taken his responsibilities, because he has not done much. We have Emmanuel Macron, who considers himself a party of the center, who has right-wing and far-right economic ideas. At present, the fault lies with the current government since it has not done what was necessary to help the population and it has not prevented the RN from coming to power.

After what is happening now, fear is installed today, is there a lack of confidence in the left-wing parties?

As I said at the beginning, we have had left-wing governments, which have completely failed their mandate, so that is why people are afraid to trust the left for fear of being disappointed again. It is a real subject of confidence in the left and in politics in general, given that during the last mandates, the work has not been done properly. It is normal that people no longer trust this party, but in any case, we must vote, and get out of this impasse. In France, we have a real disillusionment with politics. Many people do not vote in France, abstain or vote blank because they lack knowledge on the subject, because they are not satisfied with everything that has been proposed recently.

Knowing that Hungary currently chairs the EU and has a status like RN, will it bring legislative power to the RN tonight?

In France, if the RN has the majority, it could be so easy for them if a party similar to the RN has the majority within the EU. In this case, we will find people who will transmit their ideas to the EU like the RN, and helped by parties who have ideas like theirs.

What could be the state of the French after tonight’s results, disappointment or hope?

After 8pm we will see who has the majority or not, in any case the left will not have the absolute majority in the evening, but on the other hand we can limit the “damage”. And if there is a mixed government, it will be very complicated, both for the EU and for France, to have ideas and laws adopted in the EU.

How to reduce racism and discrimination in France with today’s or tomorrow’s policy?

At the national level, many things will change for non-whites, for foreigners and immigrants, and even for non-whites who are French if the RN wins. Currently, they are already discriminated against and have already suffered, since the European elections, a sharp increase in racism. It will already be a question of changing this situation. Things must change for human rights, non-whites, women, LGBT, the economy, the poor, ecology, there will be a change if the blockade succeeds.

In France after the European elections there is tension, the population is divided, everyone looks at each other and wonders who votes for whom, are we in the same camp or not, the majority of the population does not want the RN to come to power. We vote because our rights are threatened.

I am apolitical, do I give the far right a chance?

I think the word apolitical is not well attributed, these are people who would like to overthrow the current government, or change the system in general, in fact they are not apolitical, this system does not suit them. In one way or another, the parties that are proposed to them do not suit them, but these people, they have wills, ideologies, but they do not wish to participate in this system.

There is nothing apolitical in our life, even the simplest. In our daily life, everything is politicized: from our decision to go on vacation by train rather than by plane, it is political, to buying apples at the market rather than in a supermarket, it is political. No one is neutral in politics.

Who should we trust today, when we are disappointed?

Good question! I don’t have the answer to this question?
I give my vote as a French citizen and my trust to a representative of the Republic who has the same ideas, the same values ​​as me.

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