26 janvier 2023

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Spring is synonymous with contemporary art exhibitions, some of which mix fashion shows with it.

Spring is synonymous with contemporary art exhibitions, some of which mix fashion shows with it.

In Paris, the PAD 2022 got the ball rolling on April 6, at the Jardin des Tuileries. At the same time, Art Paris and Art Shopping followed from April 7 to 10 at the Grand Palais Ephémère for the first and from April 8 to 10 at the Carrousel du Louvre for the second.

From May 1 to 4, Art Show Paris St Honoré presented its exhibition with a fashion show.


The PAD (Paris Art Design) is a contemporary art fair held at the Jardin des Tuileries from April 6 to 10. After 23 editions, it is still the first international design fair, since its creation in 1998. Each year, it brings together the best French and international design galleries.


The 24th edition of the Art Paris fair was held from April 7 to 10, 2022 at the Grand Palais Ephémère. This new edition attracted new exhibitors (nearly a third) chosen with great care
but also many provincial galleries. Among the 130 stands, there were big names like Perrotin, Kamel Menour, Galeria Continua or even Lelong & co and Massimo de Carlo.

For 2 years, the show was held on unusual dates following the problems linked to the pandemic. In 2020, it took place at the Grand Palais from September 10 to 13. The following year, following renovation work on the building, it was the first edition at the Grand Palais Ephémère from September 9 to 12, 2021 (initially scheduled for April 8 to 11). Art Paris was the first event to inaugurate this new place of exchange.

The 2022 edition

In 2022, less than 6 months after the 2021 edition, which attracted nearly 70,000 visitors, Art Paris returned to its usual spring dates, from April 7 to 10. For this edition, ecology was at the rendezvous, based on concrete actions such as a life cycle analysis, an eco-design approach or a reduction of environmental impacts.

The outcome of this 24th opus was equivalent to that of 2021 thanks to the participation of major galleries as well as European brands which attracted visitors and increased the commercial success of the fair. The sales proposals were varied, accessible, sometimes even low. All in all, we were dealing with average prices.

In terms of works, there were historical works exhibited by contemporary galleries, including paintings and sculptures from before the 1950s. The Traits Noirs gallery exhibited a gouache and charcoal by Picasso dating from 1914. The Jeanne Bucher Jaeger gallery offered a small landscape by Nicolas de Staël, while the Mayoral gallery presented Miro and Tapies.

Some canvases announced exhibitions such as the retrospective at the Cantini museum in Marseille in June (Viera da Silva/Fleury gallery) or the Vuitton Foundation exhibition in May (Simon Hantaï/Jean Fournier gallery).

Some galleries highlighted the work of an artist they had chosen. This is the case of the Sabine Vazieux gallery which has favored the work of the Chinese artist Rao Fu. It will also be noted that many young artists have been favorites for visitors.


Art Shopping Paris is an international art fair created in 2007. It offers high-end works at affordable prices. Bringing together a large number of artists and galleries, it is held every year at the Carrousel du Louvre, during the week of contemporary art in Paris in October and April. Everything is represented there; from painting to sculpture through digital art, sculpture or photography..

This year, the Buronzu Gallery in Liège dedicated its stand to the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

The Galerie de Paris, founded in 2005, brought together artists working on the theme of Paris by presenting several of them including Kojiro Akagi, Anna Filimonova, Pascal Niau, Alexander Beridze and Chisato Tsuchiya.


Art Show St Honoré is an artistic cpncept born in 2019. It offers artistic events by inviting customers to participate in 2 evenings where champagne and show mingle around creations during a preview.

To participate, committed professional or amateur artists must complete an application form published by the Cultural Association of Contemporary Arts, the Art & Design magazine, the L’Art ou Tourne exhibitions and the Shopartonline site.

Applications are selected by an artistic committee made up of leading art professionals (experts, exhibition curators, agents and artists).

Harry Bettencourt, president of the LMH group and creator of the Art & Design magazine, is also an organizer of artistic events including Art Show Paris.

Art Show Saint Honoré III

The Art & Design gallery, 85 rue du Fg St Honoré (75008) hosted the Art Show St Honoré III exhibition from May 1st to 4th.

During the inauguration evening, hosted by comedian Diaza, guests including creator Anggy Haif, Mathilda Kahn or Ariana Kah, were able to discover the exhibiting artists (Adélaïde Leferme, Eva and Alexandra De Basto, G6k Adams, Ekatarina Cherkasova , Auriac). It was also the launch of French House of NFTs (Non-Fungible Token – non-fungible token, i.e. a unique object to which a certificate of authenticity has been attached) with François Desjacques and Arnaud Léger. Finally, stylist Paola Pimentel presented the Cipango brand fashion show.

The presentation of the NFTs to the artists took place on Tuesday, May 3, as well as a second fashion show by the Sub-Saharan Couture brand.