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Salon de la Photo 2023: the great annual meeting for photography lovers

Since its creation in 2007, the Salon de la Photo has become the preferred meeting place bringing together each year professionals, amateurs, major photography brands, photo agencies, schools, sellers, artists, the meeting

Since its creation in 2007, the Salon de la Photo has become the preferred meeting place bringing together each year professionals, amateurs, major photography brands, photo agencies, schools, sellers, artists, the meeting you annual for photographers, videographers, amateurs and professionals.

The Salon de la Photo has just opened its doors, from October 5 to 8, 2023, at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. This year again, the Salon de la Photo offers numerous meetings, conferences, workshops and training, for amateurs and professionals alike, in order to explore the different techniques and characteristics of this universe.

Whether you practice your art with a smartphone, a state-of-the-art camera, or even a disposable camera, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you are welcome.

The show is first and foremost a technical meeting, with almost all manufacturers from the world of imaging represented.

The flagship brands, products or technologies that you should not miss

For this 2023 edition, take advantage of this event dedicated to photography and video. A place to discover and test the latest technical innovations from brands, it is also about discovering cultural and educational content and living a unique experience.

Five years of CANON in RF

Canon’s last announcements dated last May – the extra-thin fixed focal length for RF 28mm f/2.8 STM full-frame sensor bodies and the very mainstream APS-C hybrid, the EOS R100. There is therefore no “hot” news on the Canon stand, but this edition of the photo show is nevertheless the ideal opportunity to take stock of the five years of the full-frame RF mount. In addition to the different boxes that you can physically take in hand, you will also be able to measure the power of the world number one in cameras on site. Starting late after launching a first mediocre full-frame hybrid (EOS R) at the end of 2018, Canon finds itself, five years after its debut – and ten years after the launch of Sony’s Alpha A7 – with an optical fleet rich in 34 references (plus two teleconverters and cinema lenses).

Sony continues its race with CANON

Faced with Canon’s comeback, Nikon’s Z9/Z8 pairing and the dynamism of other brands, Sony is not holding back and continues to accelerate.
ZV-E1, A6700, A7C II, A7C R, ZV-1 II: excluding optics, cinema cameras and other accessories, there are no less than five cameras – including three 24 x 36 mm – that Sony has launched since the 1st last January.
Sometimes at the risk of losing users in the face of this deluge of references. But one thing is certain: with more than 60 lenses available (not counting the enormous ecosystem of lenses from third-party manufacturers) and bodies ranging from 12 Mpx to 61 Mpx, Sony’s full-frame range is by far the richest on the market .

Nikon the new Zf

Very hot indeed: in addition to the Z8 announced last May, we can take in hand the brand new Zf (announced on 09/20) and even the brand’s latest star lens, the 135 mm f/1.8 “Plenna”.
In terms of handling (read ours here), the Zf is a real success. After a Zfc with an APS-C sensor that is much cheaper and much more (too) plastic, the Zf is a champion of the vintage touch. Its magnesium alloy body doesn’t have the coldness of the silver Fs from the 70s, but the finish and weight balance are there. As for “Plenna”, the new portrait lens from the brand with the yellow and black logo, seeing it in real life is impressive. In addition to its size, it is its magnificent front lens and its enormous diaphragm that make you salivate.

Chinese brands at the Salon de la Photo

This year we are seeing Chinese brands that are directly on the aisles. With Viltrox as its flagship, an optics designer since 2007 which has been offering autofocus optics for a while now and which even has a range of “cinema” optics. Beware of snobbery: having taken charge of initially mediocre and manual optics, then the first AF and large aperture models, the “small” Chinese manufacturers are progressing at great speed.

From brand specialists to certified trainers, testimonials from professionals both on a technical and business level, the micro-events organized throughout the day allow you to go further than apertures at f/4 and other automatic ISO modes.

  • Workshops, training and masterclasses dedicated to shooting
  • Les Grandes Rencontres: to listen to and discuss with some of the biggest names in photography
  • The Great Exhibition of the Salon: Jean-Christophe Béchet “Inhabited Landscapes”
  • Exhibitions: Alizé Le Maoult, “What their eyes saw…”; The Zooms 2023; The International Festival of Culinary Photography around the theme “Bread”; The Photo Days Festival with a preview of Sophie Hatier’s exhibition; The Montier Photo Festival with its exhibition of the 25th anniversary of the festival of wildlife and Nature photography;
  • The Night of Photography
  • The Professional Forum
  • The Hip Francophone Book Awards
  • Services offered to visitors: Reading portfolios, product tests, personalized consultation, etc.
  • The show’s Photo Spots: an experimental and educational journey to practice different photography techniques (Photo in motion, Macro, in the studio, architectural photography, etc.)

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