7 juin 2023

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Rugby – National: Chambéry returned from its third trip without any points

"We sucked from start to finish!" At the end of the 5th day of National, which was played on October 8 in Blagnac.

“We sucked from start to finish!” At the end of the 5th day of National, which was played on October 8 in Blagnac.

It won’t be for this time. SO Chambéry returned from their third trip without any points, or victory, or even paid a defensive bonus, after their 20-9 loss to Blagnac in this 5th day of National. It is in the offensive field that he fishes the most, restrained by a half-fig half-grape start to the season according to his coach, Cyril Vilain, who expects a quick reaction from his players.

We didn’t do what was necessary against a team that didn’t show us extraordinary things but was more realistic than us, more efficient.

“Return from Blagnac as we have already returned from our two trips to Bourg then to Dax, frustrated, because there was room to bring back points, and we come back again with a zero point (loss 20-9).

SO Chambéry had all the conditions met to finally find his day in Blagnac (8th tied with the SOC), where he had been stranded for the last two seasons in National.

Jean-Baptiste Grenod and his teammates had a serious game this Saturday afternoon, especially in defense (despite two tries conceded) and in the line-up where they lost the compass to Caouecs de Blagnac in the first half (five balls stolen from opponent’s throw). But when it comes to using said ball, SO Chambéry has still not found the spark that made it irresistible at the very start of last season.

Despite the initiatives especially of their arrows on the wing Théo Velten and Thomas Hecquet and their back Jules Dorrival, the former Viennese, active to cross the line of advantage, the players of Cyril Villain remained very harmless in the sequence of their actions.

SO Chambéry will once again not have to miss themselves at home against the red lantern, Rennes, next Sunday in Savoie (3 p.m., Mager stadium) to balance their start to the season and not be left behind in the race for qualification. While he lost again, and early in the match, two players in positions where he is poorly provided with the left pillar Florent Lorenzon (ankle) and Thibault Moreno at the opening (shoulder).

Points for Blagnac: 2 tries from Vareilles (53), Ponsole (73rd), 2 conversions (53rd, 73rd) and two penalties (34th, 61st) from Augustin.

Points for Chambéry: 3 penalties from Moreno (8th), Dorrival (58th,67th).