28 mai 2024

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Rally near the Iranian embassy in Paris against relations with Iran

This Sunday, several dozen people gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Paris.

This Sunday, several dozen people gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Paris.

The Iranian community continues to mobilize in Paris against Tehran’s relations, like this Sunday, when several dozen people gathered to shout “Woman, life, freedom”.

“Europe! Stop relations with the Islamic Republic”. “Say an end to the death penalty and the abuses of the Iranian regime”. This was the objective of the demonstrators gathered this Sunday near the country’s embassy in Paris.

On Place Victor Hugo, a stone’s throw from the Iranian Embassy in Paris, three colors dominate. They are on the posters, on the flags, flocked with a slogan: “Woman, life, freedom”.

In recent months, the Iranian uprising has been passed over in silence, with less and less media coverage. However, it has not run out of steam since September 16, 2022 and the death of young Kurdish Mahsa Amini, which sparked protests across the country.

The demonstrators, gathered on Place Victor Hugo in Paris, chanted “Woman. Life. Freedom”, the emblematic slogan of the protest in Iran, and sang “Bella Ciao”, one of the anthems of the movement.

On an improvised stage were displayed the photos of about fifty young people “killed by the dictatorship” during the demonstrations.
At the microphone, all denounce the regime, the executions and the prefectural decree, always rewarded by the applause of the assembly.

Another event of the day

Among the victims of these anti-government demonstrations last year was Kian Pirfalak, a 10-year-old child. A relative of the young boy, his uncle wanted to do him justice on Sunday by deliberately crushing an Iranian policeman with his car, reports a police official quoted by the Tasnim agency.

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