22 juin 2024

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Loreline Institute: When Aurélie Verheijen’s dream becomes reality

This institute is aimed at women but also men, from hairdressing to aesthetics, including care, including teeth whitening and tanning.

The 14th arrondissement of Paris is home to “unmissable nuggets. One of them is at 105 rue Didot (75014), it is the Loréline Institute, opened in January 2021. You can find everything you need to make yourself a beauty there.

This institute is aimed at women but also men, from hairdressing to aesthetics, including care, including teeth whitening and tanning. A stopover of well-being to surrender to the expert hands of professionals and relax.

Aurélie Verheijen wants each client who enters her salon to be sublimated from head to toe. Her goal was to bring all the beauty benefits together in one place.

A place for each service

On the ground floor, the hairdressing salon (technique, eyelash extensions care …), manicure (application of gel and resin) and the beauty of the feet. The first floor is for body care: waxing (women and men), facials, body treatments and massages (lymphatic drainage or palpate-roll), slimming treatments. All in a charming apartment, cocooning atmosphere mixing white and golden influences.

In one room, you find everything you need for teeth whitening. The tanning room, adorned with heavy blue velvet curtains, accommodates a version 3.0 cabin, the latest generation. It allows you to obtain, immediately or gradually, a natural tan in a few minutes (face, legs or whole body). In Paris, only 2 institutes have this kind of booth. Its use is very easy, you just have to follow the instructions it dictates. Between each client, it disinfects itself automatically.

Quality products and services

In cosmetics, Eskania products are preferred. This French brand is based in Agen, it always finds what the customer needs by even offering travel kits. You can also do botox treatments.

For hair extensions, the institute chose the American brand Bellami. Regarding coloring, “Ombré Hair” (color gradation) is very popular. The technique uses creping of strands and coloring. Different kinds of straightening are offered to clients (Korean on untreated hair; Brazilian straightening) and tannin straightening, without formalin, to relax the hair. For hair colors and shampoos, the salon works with L’Oréal and Redken.

A successful inauguration after a few months

The second lockdown and beautification work delayed the inauguration of the institute. It was not until October 21 that Aurélie was able to welcome with great pomp and ceremony all of her many guests. Among the latter, we could meet actresses like Katia Tchenko, Sophie Darel, Grâce de Capitani or Christine Lemner. Samy Naceri, singer Yannick, comedian Jeanfi Janssens and presenters Jérôme Anthony and Laurent Petiguillaumme were also present, as was skater Philippe Candéloro.

Who is Aurélie Verheijen, manager of the Loreline Institute?

Originally from Malakoff, Aurélie Verheigen has an atypical background. Self-taught, she was first a manager at Sushi Shop for 8 years, she continued her career in other companies and then decided to set up on her own in a very different branch, hairdressing and aesthetics. For a long time, Aurélie had this dream which she has just realized. This idea sprouted in her mind after helping a friend who opened her nail salon.

In September 2020, she decides to take over the hairdressing salon where she was a client when the owner decides to sell her fund, which will open in January 2021.

Who are the customers?

The clientele range, between 22 and 80 years old, is predominantly female and from the neighborhood. Since January, the file has grown. Thanks to the new male tendency to take care of their appearance, men are starting to become loyal to beauty treatments and to attend the institute.

To build customer loyalty, a loyalty card system has been set up (-10% for the second visit, -15% from the 5th and -20% for the next 5).

The future

The Parisian salon is expanding, which is why Aurélie has plans for next year. Having lived for several years on the French Riviera, she wants to open an institute in Cannes by September 2022, the quality of life being different and more pleasant. For the future, it plans to expand abroad, to the United States, Spain or Guyana …

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