26 février 2024

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Pro D2: Mont-de-Marsan reacts, Colomiers relapses (26 to 23)

Stade Montois managed to win on the lawn of Colomiers and offered a precious success in the final sprint.

At the start of this 26th day, the Columérins were 7th (62 points), they were only one point behind the Vannetais, 6th. The reception at Mont-de-Marsan on the evening of Thursday March 30 was an unimaginable challenge.

For their part, the Montois remain on a great victory against Biarritz and start this 26th day on the podium, (3rd/69 pts) a small point behind Grenoble.

This PRO D2 Championship meeting between Colomiers Rugby and Stade Montois Rugby was broadcast live at 9:00 p.m. on Canal Plus Sport.

What frustration for the Colomiers rugby players on the last day… the podium of this Pro D2 competition is moving away, five days from the end of the regular phase.

Ejected from the top 6 on the last day after their defeat against Provence Rugby, the Columérins do not have the strength to recover on the field.

On the columérin side, Valentin Saurs is his team’s top scorer. With 6 tries scored since the start of the season.
Alexandre De Nardi has scored 8 tries this season. He was the starter for Thursday evening’s match, for the Mons ranks, the co-best scorer in the Landes (with Kaminieli Rasaku, absent because of an ankle injury).

The Landais make their first foray into the opposing 22 meters. Behind a carried ball, hooker Gonzalez extracts himself and undermines the columérine defense. After several series of advances on one pass play, the visitors want to open towards Mensa. New stint from the forwards and a sharp race from the 3rd line Aurélien Lisena to validate this highlight. 0-5.

Yoann Laousse Azpiazu, just a minute later, scored another 2 points on the scoreboard for the Montois.

The Columérins pound the in-goal with Ponpon then Granouillet. Before the ball is raised again in favor of Aldric Lescure. Who ends up pointing at the goal line. 5-7.

Thomas Girard, brings the score to equality one minute later.
In the 18th minute, Thomas Girard scores 3 points from the penalty spot for the Columérins.

The Columérins are at fault again, giving the visitors the opportunity to come back to match the score. Successful penalty by Yoann Laousse Azpiazu. 10-10.

At the break, the two teams are tied. The Mons managed to take the lead thanks to a try from Lisena (0-7, 6th). Then, the Columérins have several highlights and decide to play their penalties by hand. They manage to score through Lescure (7-7, 11′) but then miss the finish at the very end of the first act. With exchanges at the foot of the backs Girard and Lescure, the two teams looked eye to eye on the return to the locker room.

In the second half, the locals lost control and focused on fouls, giving the opportunity to those of MONT-DE-MARSAN to lead the game only thanks to the penalties obtained.

Mont-de-Marsan managed to win 26-23 on the lawn of Colomiers. Stade Montois offers itself a precious success in the final sprint of this Pro D2 championship. The Landais are realistic and validate a 23-26 victory, thanks in particular to an incredible try from Léo Banos. Colomiers snatches a defensive bonus at the end of the game but makes the bad operation of the evening. Mont-de-Marsa remains in 3rd place in the standings.

Stade Montois managed to win on the lawn of Colomiers and offered a precious success in the final sprint.

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