22 février 2024

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Pension reform: the two motions rejected, rallies throughout France

The two motions of censure after 49.3 were therefore not voted on. Consequently, the pension reform is definitively adopted by Parliament.

From 4 p.m., the deputies voted on the two motions of censure, one tabled by the Liot group, the other by the National Rally.

The cross-partisan no-confidence motion tabled by the Liot group won 278 votes, compared to the 287 needed to overthrow the government. The motion of censure is therefore rejected.

The motion of censure tabled by the National Rally is rejected. She received only 94 votes out of the 287 needed.

The two motions of censure after 49.3 were therefore not voted on. Consequently, the pension reform is definitively adopted by Parliament.

To AFP, the Prime Minister indicated that she was “determined to continue to carry out the necessary transformations”.

After the announcement of the adoption of the pension reform in the Assembly, Elisabeth Borne is now going to the Elysée.


Following the rejection of the motions of censure, one of which by a very narrow majority, the President of the Republic should receive at 9 p.m. the Prime Minister, the leaders of the majority, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, the Budget Minister Delegate Gabriel Attal, Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt, government spokesperson Olivier Véran, Senator François Patriat and Yaël Braun-Pivet.


Several refineries are shut down to protest against the pension reform. This Monday, many French stations are dry for the first time since the start of the dispute. 8% of them lack at least one fuel, one in two in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

Nearly 10,000 tons of garbage on the sidewalks in Paris

According to a press release from the town hall of Paris, 9,300 tonnes of garbage are still on the sidewalks of the capital, a figure that is slightly down. After the requisitions, “118 dumpsters carried out collection rounds”, and “168 Sunday”. “This Monday, out of 195 skips planned, 122 could not be emptied, the partial or filtering blockage” of the waste incineration centers “making it very complicated to empty the skips and therefore the collection”, explains the town hall of Paris. “The situation remains extremely degraded.”

Earlier in the day, CGT activists blocked part of the ring road at Porte de Montreuil. Still on the side of the CGT, activists competed in ingenuity to express their opposition to the pension reform project.

Several metro stations closed on Monday

This Monday March 20, 2023, a new demonstration is taking place in Paris, organized by the inter-union before the great mobilization of Thursday March 23 against the pension reform, adopted at 49-3 Thursday March 16. As a result, the Prefecture of Police has requested the closure of several metro stations and RER stations.

Eleven train stations and stations closed

The following stations and stations will be closed “due to an inter-union demonstration and at the request of the Police Prefecture”, indicates the RATP.

RER A, lines 1, 2 6: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile
Line 1: Argentina
Line 1: Georges V
Lines 1, 13: Champs-Élysées-Clemenceau
Lines 1, 9: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Line 8: The Maubourg Tower
Line 8, 13: Invalids
Lines 12: National Assembly
Line 12: Solferino
Line 13: Varenne
RER C: Orsay Museum


Hundreds of demonstrators challenge the adoption of the reform by Parliament in the street. Place Vauban, garbage cans were set on fire. Police were deployed to the scene. “No to 49.3”.
Several deputies from La France insoumise join the Parisian demonstration. “Even if Macron doesn’t want to, we are here,” they sing.

While the police tried to control the spontaneous gathering in Place Vauban (7th arrondissement), part of the crowd managed to continue on other boulevards. Another rally would have started further north, near the Saint-Lazare station. Despite a strong police presence. Garbage cans are overturned or set on fire, can we see on amateur images.

Even journalists are attacked – cheers for freedom of the press

The journalist, Clément Lanot, published the images of a violent charge by the police in Paris. Several journalists were then reportedly hit or jostled.
What will the Minister of the Interior say after these images?

Different sticking points

In the 13th arrondissement, the Tolbiac site was blocked following a general meeting of 1,000 students.
The students of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne have decided to mobilize. Several hundred of them voted to occupy the Tolbiac campus. The vote took place while CRS buses were deployed around the university.

Flames in several streets of the capital

Garbage cans were set on fire in the neighborhoods of the Saint-Lazare station, rue de Rennes, Opéra district and also towards Odéon. Gatherings of several hundred people who do not remain static are underway in the capital.