7 juin 2023

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August 26 is World Dog Day, also known as National Dog Day. On this occasion, many events were organized in their honor across the planet.

August 26 is World Dog Day, also known as National Dog Day. On this occasion, many events were organized in their honor across the planet.

During this day, the link that has united dogs and men for millennia is highlighted all over the world.

It is supported by many associations that want to improve the living conditions of dogs and support all kinds of projects that aim to change the quality of veterinary care.

The idea was launched in 2004 by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), on National Dog Day, August 26. That day, Colleen Paige, a lawyer specializing in the lifestyle of pets and the family but also in the rescue of animals, decided to create a world day dedicated to dogs.
Ecologist, dog trainer, she is also at the origin of “National Puppy Day”, “National Pooch Day”, “National Cat Day”, or “National Wildlife Day” and more besides. All these philanthropic days were intended to draw attention to the plight of animals around the world and encourage adoption.

Why a National Dog Day?

The dog is man’s best friend thanks to its pack instinct, early domestication and behavioral characteristics. In Paleolithic times, it was the first species on earth that was domesticated for hunting, when agriculture and livestock were not yet dominated. However, our 4-legged friends can also be aggressive or affectionate, it all depends on the breed to which they belong, but this has not been scientifically verified.

Whether it is a working animal (police dog, guide for the blind, guard dog, etc.) or a companion animal, it shares every moment of life, although its life expectancy is far lower than ours.C It’s always heartbreaking when they leave us.

At the international level, this world day makes it possible to provide all types of information on the canine universe, it acts for the well-being of the dog and underlines the mistreatment in certain

Information day

August 26 is a day of information on the links forged with men for years:
Domestication. The dog remains the only domesticated canine of its family which also includes the wolf, the fox, the coyote, the jackal, etc… in competition with the man who receives the benefits.
Cooperation. For centuries, he has been entrusted with missions: hunting, guarding, sleds, herds, research (narcotics, diseases) or assistance.
Company. The dog knew how to find its environment near the man. Thanks to its ability to adapt, the species has spread and displayed a morphological and behavioral diversity, which has generated a perfect integration into our societies by becoming a full member of the family.
Health benefits. The dog is a remedy for its master: improved cardiovascular health (stroking a dog has a beneficial effect on the heart rate and blood pressure), better physical shape, reduction of the level of stress, reduction of the depressive state or even , more active social life.

Action day

Associations for animal protection work daily against abuse and abandonment (record of more than 100,000 abandonments per year in France, including 60,000 in summer) August 26 highlights these actions by raising public awareness and promoting the ‘adoption.

Organizations offer guides where natural sites accept dogs. Others provide information on dog boarding organizations.

On this International Dog Day, several possibilities were available to the public: adopt a dog, donate to an animal association, share photos of his fur ball.

Action in Reunion

In Reunion, 5 municipalities in the west have planned prevention and awareness actions against animal wandering. Indeed, the number of stray dogs is estimated at 73,000 for a population of 850,000 people. Left to their own devices, they reproduce in the wild. Most often, they are mongrels who, to feed themselves, knock over the garbage cans, waking up the inhabitants, and attack the farms. On average, each year, 8,000 dogs are captured by the pound. To avoid bites and accidents, the mayors of each municipality must take measures to fight against this scourge. In the event of an attack, he is held responsible. On the island, there is also the problem of stray dogs that have an owner but are left unsupervised during walks.