22 juin 2024

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For 6 months, Jenia has established her own workshop "Au Point d'Or" for alterations and custom-made.

Who is Jenia Gala?

Stylist of the new generation, Jenia Gala is of Slavic origin and has been living in Toulouse for 6 years. In love with France and its culture, she is also passionate about fashion, an international specialty of France. This is how she built her life in France by marrying a Frenchman and creating a family

Nothing destined Jenia to enter the world of fashion. After a degree in Finance but also in Design, she began her career in aeronautics, negotiating and managing supplier contracts for the sale of helicopters.

After learning French, she enrolled as a free candidate to pass a sewing CAP and obtained her diploma, which led her to find her first job as a seamstress in the center of Toulouse; At this time, she embarked on her first creations and collections, participated in Toulouse Fashion Week by presenting around twenty models made by hand or by machine with a choice of selected fabrics.

In 2022, she bought a sewing workshop and became an entrepreneur while learning management, accounting and administration. For 6 months, Jenia has established her own workshop “Au Point d’Or” for alterations and custom-made.

His inspirations

With her modern style, inspired by her Slavic roots, Russia and Ukraine, she draws her ideas from her learning of French culture.

His first collection entitled “Gala Number One” was presented in preview at the TBS “Tous au parade” fashion show.

The style of the models that she designs and designs, targets ready-to-wear for the modern, active woman in search of luxury. Black and white were the dominant colors in the collection with touches of red. As far as fabrics are concerned, she chooses silk and printed patterns and does not hesitate to pick them up locally, in Moscow, Shanghai, Paris or even Biarritz.

The doctrine that Jenia applies to herself is “When the will is there, everything becomes possible”. This is what she proved with her collection while waiting for the next one to continue her dream.

For any information, contact Jenia Gala: 06 86 65 94 26

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