28 mai 2024

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India the presidency of the G20, Modi guest of honor in Paris

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to France where he addressed the Indian diaspora at La Seine Musicale.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to France where he addressed the Indian diaspora at La Seine Musicale.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday praised the “unshakable friendship” with France on the first day of his official visit to Paris marked by the announcement by New Delhi of its intention to buy 26 additional Rafale planes, before the military parade of July 14, of which he will be the guest of honour.

On his arrival, he was received by Prime Minister Borne at the airport in a special gesture. A solemn welcome and a guard of honor were given to Prime Minister Modi upon his arrival at the airport.

During his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, spoke about the 25-year friendship with France and the advantages between the two countries, but also about the main economic and political points of India. He explained that the Diaspora is the heart of the country, citing: “The mother is happy when the child praises her wherever they go…”, referring to India as an image created by its Diaspora. Your contribution (members of the Indian Diaspora in France) to improving the Indo-French relationship will be written in history in golden words. Wherever we Indians go, we do a “mini India” there.

Tomorrow I will be at the National Day parade with my friend Emmanuel Macron. This proximity is not only that of two leaders of two countries. It is a reflection of the friendship between India and France, launched Thursday evening the Prime Minister in front of members of the diaspora gathered to listen to him at the theater of the Musical Seine in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Emmanuel Macron, in a speech at the Ministry of the Armed Forces, said he was happy to welcome India as guest of honor in our parade. He is a giant in the history of the world who will have a decisive role in our future; it is also a strategic partner and a friendly country, he added.

The two countries also have a certain convergence of views on international relations.

India, which has already recently ordered 36 Rafale aircraft for its Air Force (three of which will fly over Paris on Friday), announced Thursday that it also wanted to acquire 26 Rafale in their Navy version to equip its aircraft carrier, as well as three Scorpène submarines.

We have the same desire for strategic autonomy. Our two countries are deeply committed to international law and we want the world to be multipolar, said Modi, saying India saw France as one of (its) main global partners.

I have pledged that every part of me and every second of my time will be devoted to you all – people of my country, (…) India is the first country in the world where remittances from its diaspora exceeded $100 billion, Modi said.

Be it a battlefield or a disaster area, India always comes first to save its citizens. From Ukraine to Sudan, from Yemen to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Nepal, we have always done our best to protect our citizens, he added.

An agreement has been reached for the use of India’s UPI in France, in a few months it will leave from the Eiffel Tower, (…) it will not take long for India to become an economy of 5,000 billions of dollars.

Security cooperation, space, civil nuclear, technology, anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, climate change, renewable energies. Simultaneously the world’s largest demographic power, an economic giant, a major emitter of greenhouse gases and a nuclear power, India is an unavoidable and increasingly courted heavyweight. India has seen its influence increase significantly in recent years, I remind you that it currently holds the presidency of the G20, launched the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in front of the Indian diaspora at La Seine Musicale.

After his speech, Modi arrived at the Elysee Palace for a private dinner, before a grand official dinner on Friday against the backdrop of the Louvre Museum.

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