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The artist likes to say that his photos are described as “taking a shocking image that is transformed to achieve beauty.”

The exhibition, organized by Laurie Dolphin and Géraldine Beigbeder, is the view of a wandering photographer, living between Paris and the United States. A fan of Harley-Davidson, he gets on his motorcycle to hit the road and travel, something he loves more than anything. In the heart of the Marais and parallel to Paris Photo, the exhibition of the American artist reveals his work around cinema, particularly his point of view on the underground 1990s.

The world of photos

The artist likes to say that his photos are described as “taking a shocking image that is transformed to achieve beauty”, specifying that he has always liked images that take time to understand. His universe is located between depth, darkness and intimacy.

Norman Reedus began taking photographs while he was in middle school. After taking classes to learn technique like developing prints in a darkroom. Since then, he hasn’t stopped.
Putting himself together as an actor and a photographer at the same time, he first becomes an actor and then does stone sculpture. He has also exhibited his works as a photographer and sculptor.

For him, there is always a link between photography and sculpture and in certain photos, you can imagine yourself in a movie set or on the way to the film set. The photos blend together like when he shared an art gallery and work space on Bowery Street in New York, when he was an actor and occupied an entire building with painters and sculptors. There was a special effects and cinematography workshop in the basement, putting on exhibitions to pay the rent. The underground and the margins are always present with a certain melancholy because people think of seeing beauty in macabre images through his photographs. In addition, the photographs are about roads and travel because the author is a traveler, whether for work or outside, having lived in New York, Costa Rica and Paris while hosting a travel show in which he travels the world on a motorbike.

“Norman Reedus”
Joseph Gallery
116, rue de Turenne, Paris 3rd
From November 9 to 17, 2023
Opening: November 9, 2023

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