3 février 2023

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Hind Kroussa is a house of haute couture creations created in May 2021. Located rue de Ponthieu, near the Champs Elysées (75008), it offers bespoke models, handcrafted in Paris, to daring women, invested in their personal lives and professionals.

Hind Kroussa is a house of haute couture creations created in May 2021. Located rue de Ponthieu, near the Champs Elysées (75008), it offers bespoke models, handcrafted in Paris, to daring women, invested in their personal lives and professionals.

The designer bears the first name of Arabic origin, Hind, one of the wives of the Prophet Mohammed. Its meaning is “camel herd”. She had feminist ideologies at a time when women had no rights.

The name Kroussa refers to a city of Ancient Greek mythology with its monuments.

Hind Kroussa has always loved fashion, an environment in which she has evolved for years. Passionate about Ancient Rome, mythology and goddesses, she draws her inspiration from this period as well as from her travels and the architectures she discovered. Having gained experience in the high fashion houses where she worked, she realized her dream by creating her own house.

After passing a science baccalaureate in 2011, Hind Kroussa is preparing for a BTS at the ISC. In 2016, she entered the School of Creative Professions.

Before opening her house, fashion designer, she created unique pieces and held various positions including merchandising, image consulting, makeovers and even personal shopper.

A beautiful motto

Having realized that “More than ever, our daily life shows us that life is precious and how each woman, through her audacity, her uniqueness and her courage, gives it a universal dimension”, she chose to retain as a motto for her house: “La life is too short to be ordinary, be unique”.

Unique and authentic pieces

The creations and embroideries are handmade in Parisian workshops. The “handmade” guarantees a limited stock. The fabrics used, only noble materials, come from Parisian warehouses of dormant fabrics, which avoids waste and allows an ecological approach. We thus find silk, tweed, hammered velvet or brushed cotton.

Embroidery is a specialty of the Hind Kroussa house, whether flat or in relief, embellished with sequins, pearls or precious stones. It perpetuates a unique and authentic know-how. Made with a needle, tone on tone, they are inspired by the architecture of Ancient Rome but also of the Orient.

In addition, Hind Kroussa believes that 5 pieces are essential in a woman’s wardrobe, they are also found in her collections:
the white, black or gray shirt (Thémis – geometric sleeves and half Mao collar)
black trousers (Hera- fine tone-on-tone embroidery on the high-waisted belt)
the black jacket (Zéphyr in velvet – fitted)
the little black dress (Decima -tight, Nona in satin, Atropa in tweed and muslin sleeves)
the playsuit (black or white satin)
The colors of the collection are white (all colors) and black, (the absence of colors) some gray pieces.


The jewelry collection is unique. it comes after the ready-to-wear collection. Green, the color of emerald is dominant. The collection is inspired by Hind’s passion for Ancient Rome, Greek and Egyptian mythology, ancestral architecture and the symbols of the Orient that guided the embroideries.

The jewels are in 925 thousandth silver, gilded with fine 24 carat gold and equipped with fine stones, nano-Russian emerald. Some are paved with white micro-zircons.

Parade 2022/2023

On May 6, the Hind Couture house organized a fashion show at the CCI, salle Yvonne Foinant (160 m²), 2 Place de la Bourse (75002). Choosing this place was to pay homage to the first woman elected in 1945 to the Paris Chamber of Commerce, but also to the founder of the association “Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises”, an organization defending the representation of women in all economic bodies.

For 2 hours, the models presented the second collection, made up of 44 models divided into 6 collections (dresses, pants, jumpsuits, evening wear, etc.) each bearing the name of a stylist or collaborator of the house. (Emma, ​​Anaïta, Lumia, Véra, Nouria, Kira…) A tenor and his pianist interspersed the parade with opera tunes.

The Bercy Tie (LCBD)

The other rope in the collection is reserved for men. Created recently, in 2020, “La Cravate de Bercy” presents ties, bow ties, tie clips, cufflinks, suspenders, cuff holders,… There is no shortage of these products made in Paris precision and craftsmanship. Silk is one of the characteristic elements of the products,

The house’s slogan: “The touch of masculine elegance”

The ties are in hand-stitched silk jacquard. It takes almost 2-3 hours to make one. Some bow ties are made of hand-carved wood, or made with real feathers scrupulously harvested after natural loss and then manually assembled to make the knot.

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