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All little girls dream of wearing a tutu to turn into a princess. To achieve this wish, Stéphanie Saulig created her own brand of tutus, "La Fée Tutu" which will become "Tutu Prestige".

All little girls dream of wearing a tutu to turn into a princess. To achieve this wish, Stéphanie Saulig created her own brand of tutus, “La Fée Tutu” which will become “Tutu Prestige”.

Who is Stephanie Saulig?

After working in wealth management, Stéphanie Saulig became the creator of “La Fée Tutu”, a company based on the Côte d’Azur. She makes evolving ceremonial petticoats in tulle and accessories, personalized according to the tastes of her clients. Each piece is made to measure, entirely by hand, in his workshop in Vence. Manufacturing times vary between 4 to 6 weeks.


The petticoats are made up of several strips of tulle threaded over 3 rows of lined tulle, i.e. 6 layers adjusted to a stretchy crochet mesh waistband that can be tightened at will thanks to a satin tie.

In different shapes, colors (60) and lengths, these plain or sequined tutus are suitable for both children and adults. Accompanied by sequined bustiers, they become essential outfits in an evening wardrobe.

Passionate about princess outfits, Stéphanie Saulig has added a collection of wedding dresses, one of which “Elizabeth” paraded at the Nice Wedding Fair.

Where did the idea of creating tutus come from?

It was a request from her daughter Marina that gave Stéphanie the idea of creating tutus. After making tutus for her daughter and her dolls, Stéphanie embarks on making dresses for adults, identical to those worn by princesses in fairy tales. Thanks to a meeting with a photographer for newborns and children, the world of fashion opened its doors to her following the presentation of her creations. Gradually, orders flowed in, which led her to participate in several wedding fairs. Her creations challenged personalities and models such as Victoria Silvsted for whom she used nearly 1,000 meters of tulle.

The collection of tutus

The tutus collection consists of 5 models: The “City tutu” (40 cm length of tulle); the “Elegance tutu” (60/70 cm; the “Evening tutu” (95 cm); the “Majestic tutu” (2m and more). the “asymmetrical tutu.”

The tutus are transformable and customizable thanks to the American technique of TutuDress. The stylist designs and handcrafts her tutus using a scalable concept that expands and expands with size.

The raw materials used, soft tulle (Premium Polyester Soft Tulle: 100% high grade polyester tulle Premium quality guaranteed) come from the United Kingdom and France and comply with the EN71.2 (flamability) and EN7.3 (migration of certain elements) standards. ). Tutus can be worn for various events: fashion magazine photos, galas, festivals, ceremonies, climbing the steps for the Cannes Film Festival…

The Canvabag

In 2002, Stéphanie Saulig Design offered a new creation made in France, the Canvabag, a clutch bag in English glitter, rhinestones and sequins that can be worn on the shoulder, by hand or across the body. Made in small series, it complements the designer’s outfits and is customizable. Among the models, there are best-sellers: the “Canvabag Himalaya” in soft velvet yarn and the “Canvabag Teddy” in cuddly toy yarn.

“Tutu Prestige”, a brand created for Ladies!
A brand that looks like you, that is
Chic, Glamorous, Bohemian,
elegant, sophisticated or soft and natural



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