25 mai 2024

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FREXIT: Patriots against the EU and NATO

On Saturday, a demonstration against the EU and NATO took place, orchestrated by the “patriots” party created by Florian Philippot after the separation of the RN.

On Saturday, a demonstration against the EU and NATO took place, orchestrated by the “patriots” party created by Florian Philippot after the separation of the RN.

On Saturday October 7, hundreds of Frexit supporters took to the streets of the French capital. The demonstrators spoke out for leaving the European Union and NATO. Emmanuel Macron’s government was also criticized during the demonstration. Florian Philippot, the president of the eurosceptic party “Les Patriotes”, was at the head of the procession.

Florian Philippot launched an appeal to his party’s supporters, explaining where the situation stands and the image of France, created by the European Union and NATO.

“Explosion of energy prices and the European electricity market, digital identity and euro, Lampedusa, SMS from Ursula von der Leyen, theft of our national sovereignty, permanent Brussels blackmail, European DSA censorship regulation, war in Ukraine ,…”

“At the start of the school year, more than ever, the question of our membership in the European Union and NATO urgently arises! These globalist structures have betrayed all the promises that had been made and have, on the contrary, put our country in a situation vulnerability, insecurity, impoverishment, collapse of our freedoms, even war!”

Is it a game of hide and seek, or is it a huge responsibility that every French person must know that the English regret having left the game of 27 and that the economy and debts are quite expensive for at least 30 years .

“Thanks to the tenacious work that we have done with you to open the eyes of the French to health tyranny, today the covidists are having a much more difficult time imposing their narrative and their restrictions on freedom. We obviously remain vigilant, but it is is proof that we must be there, never give up, to prevent them from advancing and make them retreat! Put them on the ground, announces Philippot.”

“… this Saturday, October 7, and, more than ever, I salute the spirit of resistance of all those who want to live upright and offer a future to their children!”

What future is he talking about?

The one that will cause a generation, or even two, to suffer if France leaves the EU and turns its back on NATO allies. This is what the boss of the “Les Patriotes” party promises to members and supporters. Taking into account that today the State’s economy is in an extremely sensitive situation and that more than 9% of young workers are looking for a job or that more than 15% have been in RSA for more than 5 years, where the country could end up, if it is already within an inflation threshold of 200%.

In politics, the roads are well paved with intentions and strewn with lies, knowing that if a candidate asks to leave the EU, why is he still running in the June 2024 elections, difficult to explain or even more difficult to to understand. Regardless, today everyone has the discernment to choose, depending on what each politician brings to the debate, certain promises can be fulfilled by only 1 or 2%, regardless of the mandate won by the candidate. It is good to know that nothing is left to chance and that everything is up to citizens to make the right choice.

It is good to remember that it is not the candidates who will pay the State’s debts and that each citizen contributes to the payment of public debts. Candidates are looking for a comfortable and powerful chair, nothing more.

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