25 juillet 2024

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Former Minister of National Education appointed Prime Minister at 34

Gabriel ATTAL

The former Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, was appointed Prime Minister at the age of 34, he is the first young person to occupy this position in the history of the Fifth Republic.

The former Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, was appointed Prime Minister at the age of 34, he is the first young person to occupy this position in the history of the Fifth Republic.

The President of the Republic, Emmanueeeel Macon, appointed Gabriel Attal Prime Minister on January 9, 2024. He succeeds Élisabeth Borne who resigned on January 8, 2024. The decree appointing the Prime Minister was published in the Official Journal on January 10 2024.

In front of the press in the afternoon of Tuesday January 9, Gérald Darmanin expressed his desire to stay in Beauvau because he has not “finished his mission” there and that he is “a man of honor”, adding: “ You know, where I come from, from the provinces, from a working-class family, we like to finish what we do.” This surgical scud must have shaken the walls of Matignon, where Gabriel Attal, who only stayed five months at National Education and one year at the Budget, undoubtedly appreciated the formula.

Among the heavy tasks awaiting Gabriel Attal at Matignon, he must manage Gérald Darmanin is undoubtedly in the top 3 of impossible missions. Because after an open war with Borne, the Minister of the Interior seems to be starting again with his successor, having already expressed his reluctance regarding his appointment.

The appointment of Gabriel Attal as Prime Minister did not go unnoticed abroad, both inside and outside the European Union.

If Sebastian Kurz had taken the reins of Austria at the age of 31, the youth of Gabriel Attal, aged 34, appeals to the foreign press. His transparency about his sexual orientation and the objectives behind his appointment also come up frequently in newspaper columns.

In the United States, the New York Times and the public radio channel NPR focus on the age, but also on the sexual orientation of Gabriel Attal. Or more precisely on the fact that he publicly accepts his homosexuality, making him “the first openly gay [French] Prime Minister”. NPR recalls that the new head of government had, while he was Minister of National Education, confided on TF1 to having been the victim of school harassment and homophobic insults. From the Japanese channel NHK to RTBF, few media fail to mention the private life of Gabriel Attal, whose “homosexuality was revealed in broad daylight in 2018”, traces the Belgian channel, which also mentions his relationship with the MEP Stéphane Séjourné.

Gabriel Attal is the image of a young Frenchman who travels with a Vespa scooter purchased in 2014 and which cost him 2600 euros and which today would not be worth more than 1000 euros. On the other hand, he is the richest young man during his term as Prime Minister.

Who is the longest-serving prime minister?

Geroges Pompidou – 6 years 2 months and 26 days.
Bernard Cazeneuve – 5 months and 04 days.

How does he choose ministers?

It is the President of the Republic who appoints the members of the government “on the proposal of the Prime Minister” indicates the Constitution. The head of state also terminates the functions of a minister. The Prime Minister may also, exceptionally, chair the Council of Ministers in place of the Head of State.

The new government’s decision must be announced by Friday.

Gabriel Attal must work on the casting of the government team and the final composition must be known this week. Some ministers are expected to stay in government, but others will have to leave.

For Gérald Darmanin, we are heading towards remaining at the Ministry of the Interior, just like Bruno Le Maire who should also keep his morocco at Bercy.

On the arrival side, several names keep coming back. The Minister of Solidarity, Aurore Bergé, is being considered for the Ministry of National Education. Catherine Vautrin, to whom Matignon was proposed in May 2022, could take the helm of a major Ministry of Social Affairs.

The elected Horizons de Seine-et-Marne Frédéric Valletoux, former president of the French Hospital Federation, could be appointed Minister of Health. Finally, Mayada Boulos, former advisor to Jean Castex and close to Gabriel Attal, is being considered for the position of government spokesperson. Claire Chazal could also be part of it, her name is cited for the Ministry of Culture.

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