26 mai 2024

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EDILINK and Ariane CapDev an economical and ecological market in mail management and administrative dematerialization

In December, Entreprise & Décisions signed a new capital transaction with Edilink, specialist in multi-channel mail solutions, reorganized its capital and opened an opportunity to join forces with Ariane CapDev.

Today, managing and sending an invoice or even a letter has become a waste of time in terms of timely delivery as well as the increase in the price of stamps.

Ten years ago, Edilink created an opportunity in the development of services for their company, with the two co-directors (Michael Assor and Jonathan Zerbit), by offering mail management and document dematerialization solutions for trustees. co-ownership and businesses.

If in 2013 nothing blossomed for the future, after 10 years of experience and investment we see the results of the completed project, a project which will become fully usable from January 1, 2026. As today, requests to administration must be done online and not in offices, the same will apply to companies and co-ownership trustees.

The company has more than 260 recurring customers in 2023 thanks to the quality of its services. The desire and passion of the two managers, as well as the need for the company’s development, led them to call on Entreprise & Décisions to carry out their development project.

A real race against time is underway in the mail management market, where the dematerialization of mail will take a new turn with electronic invoicing becoming mandatory for companies from 2026.

Ariane Capdev and Edilink now have all the cards to succeed in its shift towards digital, achieve external growth and take full advantage of the context of dematerialization which is becoming widespread. Its two shareholder directors retain the majority of the capital of the new holding company and will continue to manage the company surrounded by their 18 employees.

But who are the players in this major project, which helps businesses and co-ownership trustees?

In 2013, Michael Assor and Jonathan Zerbit created Edilink, which supports companies in their activities related to paper and electronic mail management, a project which began 10 years ago. More than 90% of its professional expertise is dedicated to property managers and co-ownership trustees. These services are aimed at anyone who wishes to outsource and automate their administrative management. In 2 years, between 2021 and 2023, the company achieves growth of more than 145% in its turnover (share capital). Based in the Ile de France region, the company manages a portfolio of more than 260 clients.

EDILINK has reorganized its capital with new partners

In December, Entreprise & Décisions signed a new capital transaction with Edilink, specialist in multi-channel mail solutions, reorganized its capital and opened an opportunity to join forces with Ariane CapDev. This capital-intensive operation strengthens the capacity of Edilink and its managers to further develop the offering of digital services for co-ownership managers, which is already experiencing strong growth.

Company & Decisions commissioned by the two directors of Edilink; Michael Assor and Jonathan Zerbit managed to find investors who understood and supported the project of the managers of Ariane Capdev, the investment company Ariane SA Family Office.
“This capital-intensive operation will allow Edilink to achieve its development objectives thanks to the expertise of Ariane CapDev, who will be able to support the digital transition, a major point of the company’s activity,” explains Donatien Zaragoza- Gonzalez, M&A analyst at Entreprise & Décisions.

Ariane Capdev is a Small Caps investment capital fund that supports entrepreneurs in their transmission and transformation projects to create the successes of tomorrow. Attached to the Ariane SA family office (Family Françoise and Jean-Pierre Torck), the fund supports managers with attention and common sense, bringing added value and expertise to each new project. Ariane Capdev was created in 1998, by the descendants of Françoise and Jean-Pierre Torck, in order to jointly manage their investments, with the desire to integrate projects into the development of society and the environment.

Marion Cuvelier Torck, President of Ariane Capdev: “We are delighted to meet Michael Assor and Jonathan Zerbit, two entrepreneurs full of ambition for their company. The key to the success of our partnership is based above all on mutual esteem and trust, as well as the attention paid to customers, employees and partners. »

Benjamin Fitoussi, Investment Director Ariane Capdev: “Michael and Jonathan have succeeded in building a formidable mail outsourcing business intended mainly for co-ownership trustees. The future is now digitalization with very significant development potential. We will use our expertise in digital and M&A to help them develop as best they can. We are delighted to be able to support managers in this new stage of their entrepreneurial life! »

Entreprise & Décisions, led by Patrice Klug, is a major player in corporate mergers and acquisitions which stands out thanks to support based on the creation of values and agility at the service of managers and the success of their capital operations. The team successfully carries out around ten LBO, OBO, disposals, acquisitions and financing of SME-ETIs from €5 to €100 million each year. Already 181 capital-intensive operations.

Patrice Klug, graduated with a DESS in management of new information technology companies from Paris Dauphine University.
He runs Entreprise & Décisions, a consulting company created in 1994, dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in their capital projects. Patrice Klug, has also been a founding partner of Haussmann Finance et Transmission since 2018 and in December 2023 signed a new capital transaction with Edilink.

Patrice Klug is used to responding to such issues, having already supported several companies in their digital evolution projects: “Finding the right investor is a key issue for managers. Our teams then launched a competitive call for tenders to identify and approach the best-equipped partners for Edilink.”

What services does Edilink offer?

– Centralized mail sending and management
– Reduce your costs and pay per use
– Respect of legal deadlines, real-time monitoring and acknowledgment of receipt

Outgoing mail management:

– Administrative and financial mail
– Marketing and advertising mail
– Registered letter

Dematerialization of documents:

– E-Billing
– Electronic pay slip
– Electronic Registered Letter
– Digitization of archives
– Sending SMS

Edilink has the solution for businesses to save time and money. Their method is more profitable than that offered by the Post Office or even by competitors. Thanks to their expertise, the management of your mail is much more flexible and much better controlled, allowing you to benefit from the best price for each of your shipments. Furthermore, you will no longer need to ask yourself questions regarding prices, shipping and tracking.

Once your letter has been created, you send it in PDF. In one click, your letter will be printed, enclosed, franked and sent. Edilink takes care of all your document management. We provide you with a dedicated customer area 100% personalized which allows you to make mass or single shipments and save up to 50% on postage costs.

From January 1, 2026, it is obligatory to send invoices, salary slips or even any administrative document by email, a system to protect nature and the ecosystem and renounce consuming the raw material which produces a large amount of quantity of waste.

The dematerialization of documents allows first of all to reduce storage space but also the possibility of keeping the document in good quality in PDF, a downloadable document but also allows it to be kept in the file by both the customer and the supplier.

If Michael Assor and Jonathan Zerbit, the two co-directors of Edilink, have succeeded in building a digital virtual world and even in convincing their partners to invest in the project of the future, they still have to convince customers that it is is a solution to adapt to today’s new digital system to reduce costs, but also archive space. Possibility of adapting to the system much earlier than the mandatory date imposed by legislation.

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