26 mai 2024

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Demonstrations: rallies in support of the Palestinian people in Paris and France

Several rallies took place on Saturday in Paris and France, in support of the Palestinian population of Gaza

Several rallies took place on Saturday in Paris and France, in support of the Palestinian population of Gaza, affected by Israeli bombings aimed at eliminating Hamas, after the latter’s attack on Israel almost four months ago.

Gathered at Place de la Bastille, at the call of the National Collective for a Just and Lasting Peace between Palestinians and Israelis (CNPJDPI), the procession of support for Gaza and the West Bank called for a total and permanent ceasefire in Palestine, and particularly at the end of Israeli attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“From Paris to Gaza, resistance”, “Long live the resistance of the Palestinian people”, “Free Palestine, Stop genocide” proclaimed the banners and signs, alongside Palestinian flags of all sizes. Some of the demonstrators wore a keffiyeh, the traditional black and white cotton scarf of the Palestinians.

“Immediate ceasefire” and “Mcdo collabo”, chanted the crowd as they marched towards the Nation where a rally in support of the Palestinian people organized by Urgence Palestine awaited them.

“Israel assassin, Macron complicit,” they also chanted, in protest against the French head of state, Emmanuel Macron.

The incessant Israeli bombings and the land invasion carried out in retaliation have killed 22,600 people, the majority civilians, according to a report from the Gaza Health Ministry given on Friday.

Israeli attacks have led to significant destruction and a humanitarian disaster, endangering the lives of residents of the Gaza Strip and forcing the displacement of 85% of them.

Despite calls from the United Nations Security Council for the delivery of humanitarian aid, deliveries remain limited due to opposition from Tel Aviv, worsening shortages of food, water, fuel and medicine facing the population of the Gaza Strip is facing.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated this Friday that “it is not up to Israel to determine the future of Gaza.”

Questioned by the American news channel CNN, Catherine Colonna recalled that the Gaza Strip “is Palestinian land” and called on the Israeli government to “return to the principle of international law and respect it.”

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