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David DONADEÏ: From football to comedy

David DONADEÏ is a well-known name in the world of football and soon in the world of comedy. Father of 3 daughters aged 25, 30 and 35 respectively, he will celebrate his 55th birthday on May 11.

David DONADEÏ is a well-known name in the world of football and soon in the world of comedy. Father of 3 daughters aged 25, 30 and 35 respectively, he will celebrate his 55th birthday on May 11.

After obtaining a Bac D then a master’s degree in law, he began a career as a professional footballer. He also has diplomas in animation and sport. Speaking several languages (English, Italian and Spanish), he integrated easily abroad and also joined clubs in Switzerland, Italy and the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai.


After training at the OGCNICE center and at AS Cannes, he played in professional and semi-professional clubs. in France and abroad:


Plessis-Trévise Villecresnes in D3
Plessis-Trévise in D4 and D3
Creil in CFA
AS Beauvais in D2 and CFA
Corbeil Essonne in D3
Arles in National
Créteil in D2 and CFA
Ajaccio in National
Sartene Propriano in CFA


Switzerland: Baulmes in D2
Italy: In a Serie C club
United Arab Emirates in D1

Professional coach

After a few years, after his role as an educator in Val-de-Marne, he began a career as a professional coach abroad:
– Rayon Sport FC in D1 in Rwanda in 2015.
– KCM Marrakech in D2 in Morocco
– Phuket FC in D4 and D3 in Thailand

New start

Unfortunately, this career as a professional coach was interrupted on July 21, 2021 following serious Covid-19. Hospitalized and put in an artificial coma for 20 days, leaving neurological after-effects both physically and sensitively in the legs and feet. Having to change his objectives, since 2023 he has been heading towards new horizons by starting a career as an actor.
Having already been approached by directors or producers who had cast him in cinema films as extras or in small roles, he can be found in the following films:

  • La Squale
  • 1-2-3 Zero
  • Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games
  • 36 Quai des Goldsmiths
  • The ball
  • Didier

He also appeared 3 times in Jean Pierre Mocky’s TV films for France 2 as a supporting role:

-Mr Mayor
-The haunted house
-The suspect

David DONADEÏ doesn’t just have one string to his bow and he proves it by being present for years in many areas (FFF, Fort Boyard, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Police/Youth/Business conferences, weekends Police prevention in neighborhoods, etc.)

Important dates

1988: Organization of a Police/Youth match in tribute to Malik Oussekine, student who died on the night of December 5 to 6, 1986 in Paris during student protests against the Devaquet university reform project.

1992 to 1997: Voted best suburban educator in Val de Marne for 6 consecutive years for the work provided to young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods and for having won the 6 tournaments in a row of the inter-city football tournament created by the RATP – L ‘APMCJ and the Ministry of the Interior and the FFF. Furthermore, as a coach, he holds all the records for inter-city football tournaments from 92 to 97 in the categories: 12/15 years and 16/18 years.

1994: Edouard Balladur presents him with the National Order of Merit medal.

1996 and 1997: Voted best suburban educator in France by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of the Interior for all the work provided in disadvantaged neighborhoods as a founder. and creator of Police/Youth Cities matches, Police/Youth/Business meetings and conferences, and Police prevention weekends in the neighborhoods.

1998: Creation of the association “CitéStars” with Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Nordine Kourichi, Michel Milojevic, Julien Lorcy, Mouss Diouf, Luis Fernandez, Vincent Filice, Michel Bensoussan, Pascal Claude and Pascal Sellem. David Donadéi is the President of the association which was created for disadvantaged and abused children and also for child victims of sexual assault. To this day, David DONADEÏ is still the president. He was also re-elected for the 5th consecutive time 100% by the members. Furthermore, he was the only one to reach the semi-final of the Suburban World Cup that year, without help or support from a city out of the 147 cities involved with the IOC and the FFF tournament created by Michel Platini and the FFF.

1999 and 2006: 2 participations in Fort Boyard with the CitéStars association.

2001-2008 and 2014:. Candidate for the municipal elections in his town of Chennevieres Sur Marne.

2003: Creation of the football club “Olympique Citestars FC” of which he was President for 15 years.

2004: Participation in the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” with the CitéStars association.

2008: Candidacy for legislative elections. He was the first ex-professional footballer to run for legislative elections.

2013-2016: Founding President of the football club “Le Racing Football Club de Chennevieres”.

2014: Sports consultant for 1 month on “RMC Fan de Sports” during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

2017: Candidacy for the FFF elections. This former professional footballer was the first to apply for the presidency of the FFF by putting together a list including only former professional players. Among them were the Caennais Hyppolyte Dangbeto, the Lensois Franck Queudrue, the former Lille player Roger Hitoto, the former PSG Michel Bensoussan.

2024: Preparation of his first play, “FRENCH ACTOR STUDIO” which will be performed in Paris at the end of December 2024 alongside Thierry Samitier, Guy Amram and Alexandra Boussot. This play is directed by Jean-Philippe Azéma, also director of numerous plays ( Wedding Fugue, The Male of the Century, The Title is Provisional, Funny Story, All our Wishes for Happiness, The Mistress in a Swimsuit de Bain,  la Bombe,  Entre 2 and Complètement Space with Valérie Mayresse, Sandrine Quétier and Paul Belmondo).

2027: Running for the 2027 presidential elections is THE project close to his heart to defend the values of France.

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