25 avril 2024

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On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day on March 8, DAPAT decided to develop its support for women in distress and homeless mothers.

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day on March 8, DAPAT decided to develop its support for women in distress and homeless mothers.

What is DAPAT?

Created in April 2020 by Danielle and Patrick de Giovanni, the DAPAT endowment fund is a non-profit legal entity, whose objective is to support women in distress and homeless mothers. DAPAT is the contraction of DA (Danielle) and PAT (Patrick), the first names of the founders.

Women represent 38% of the homeless population of France. The majority are under 30 and a third of them have children to look after alone. Assaulted or raped, they face the horrors of life, which leads to an early death.

In order to help them, the DAPAT endowment fund undertakes to act to accompany them, protect, assist, help, rebuild, support… It is in this but that missions of general interest of a social nature are defined, educational, humanitarian, cultural and family, aimed at improving the social, health and cultural living conditions of people in vulnerable situations. Thanks to its actions, DAPAT makes it possible to fight against isolation, exclusion, poverty and any other form of discrimination. The action programs give priority to the autonomy and dignity of women.

The numbers speak

Since 2021, the numbers have been steadily increasing. Indeed, in 2021, according to a report on feminicides published by UN Women and UNODC, there are 5 women killed every hour by a member of their family, that is to say more than 120 per day distributed in all the countries of the world. . However, Asia concentrates the greatest number of feminicides, although in Africa women are more at risk of being killed by their partner.


The results for 2021 were 122 women and 23 men killed by their partner or ex-spouse, 14 deceased minor children, killed by their parents in a context of violence. In 86% of cases, men are responsible for these homicides and 24% of them consumed alcohol before the act, 10% narcotics, 70% of the perpetrators were not active. In addition, 45 new associations competed for the DAPAT Prize. The ceremony of the first edition of the “Coups de coeur DAPAT” took place on September 27 at the Marigny theater (75008).


In 2022, links have been established with 100 associations for women in precariousness. The number of them presented for the DAPAT Prize was 66, which implies the presence of interaction between DAPAT and the accompaniment of women in distress. It should be noted that 4 sustainable partnerships have been entered into with associations and €450,000 have been paid to help associations. Of the 66 associations that competed for the DAPAT prizes, 10 were awarded the prizes during the ceremony on October 17 at the Edouard VII theater (75009).


Since the beginning of the year, the number of feminicides has been on the rise. In 2 months, 29 women were killed by their spouse (or ex), last February there were 10 feminicides including 4 by gunshot, 3 by stabbing and 1 burned alive. The youngest was 23 years old, the oldest 75. and 3 of them had children, 7 lived with their attacker. Despite the census carried out 7 years ago and 4 years after the Grenelle, the phenomenon continues. Of 10 victims, 2 had filed a complaint; 3 of the authors committed suicide and 3 others admitted their gesture.

Today, the Minister for Equality has just created a “New Start pack” which tries to organize the escape of the victims but does not deal with the problem of the aggressors. On May 8, International Women’s Day, the Women’s Foundation launched its new campaign “Every Step is a Victory”.

The figures for the first quarter of 2023 denounce 38% of women among the homeless, 31% of them are over 50 years old, 1 in 4 women have already been victims of violence, 48% of these women are under 30 years old, 18% have children, the average age of death is 45 (49 for men). To date, there are 208,000 victims of violence, an increase of 21% compared to 2020.

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