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On September 8, Cindy Lopes welcomed her friends at the opening of her exhibition “Corporal Impressions”.

On September 8, Cindy Lopes welcomed her friends at the opening of her exhibition “Corporal Impressions”.

“Everything is possible when you decide. This is what I would like people to remember from my time on earth. We can lack modesty but remain an example for the generation to come. In 2009, I was propelled in the media into the the PAF arena and I intend to defend the colors of femininity even today with the indecent imprints of MY body.

Until October 10, she is exhibiting at the Concorde Art Gallery (75015), the largest erotic gallery in the capital, far from the surrounding heat (nearly 35°) and in an air-conditioned atmosphere. “Coco buttocks” is the representation of the sensual impressions of the artist who declares to be the brush of his works.

Who is Cindy Lopes?

Born on March 21, 1983 in the Paris region, into a family of Italian and Portuguese origin, Cindy Lopes comes from season 3 of the reality TV show Secret Story. Initiator of “girl power”, she asserts her opinions and her bisexuality, becoming the muse of several photographers who highlight her body. in books and on the Internet. She also campaigns for women’s rights.

After obtaining her baccalaureate and professional training in hair and makeup, she became known in cinema and in reality TV shows. In 2011, she participated in “Carré Viiip” on TF1 where she was confronted with confirmed Viiip like François-Xavier or Mickael Vendetta. As Wanna Viiip, she was an “anonymous” seeking fame.

On the private side, Cindy Lopes became a mother for the first time in September 2017. She displayed her pregnancy in March of the same year, during the inauguration of the Foire du Trône. her daughter Stella was born in September. She will also have a little boy, born in February 2019, named Raphaël.

Comfortable with her image and her image, she does not hesitate to pose naked. In 2014, she revealed that she was not ashamed to return to (soft) porn by shooting a short video for a French site. However, his television path was not without pitfalls, between a breast reduction and a suicide attempt that was not taken seriously, he had to count on the omnipresence of cameras. The life of this independent woman also hides wounds. Indeed, in 2021, she revealed that she had been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex-partner, while she was pregnant with her second child in 2019. Wishing to separate from the latter, with whom she no longer got along , she was confronted with his brutality and aggressiveness. He had become aggressive towards her and her daughter, smashing the counter when he was in a bad mood and attacking the child. The situation degenerated, following successive attacks, and only after 3 days of ITT, she then worried about her pregnancy and the baby she was carrying, no longer feeling him in her womb. She files a complaint against her ex-partner but the case is dismissed because there was evidence but not enough ITT. As a strong woman, she did not want to deprive her children of their father and did not dare to go further, becoming hostage to the situation. However, trying to get back on track, she thought that the man had come back for the children but in fact, it was for her because he was attracted by notoriety and wanted to “dominate a strong woman”.

TV woman, fashion and cosmetics designer, but also journalist for TVmag, Cindy Lopes is present everywhere with her seductive appearance. This incendiary blonde likes to show off her curves but hates macho men.

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