26 mai 2024

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CHAMPIONSHIP: after the national holiday, Toulouse Olympique celebrates the victory of second place in the standings

34-12 with this result, Toulouse Olympique regains its place of runner-up.

34-12 with this result, Toulouse Olympique regains its place of runner-up.

The day after July 14, the TO played with their new collector’s jersey. In the blue color of the jersey, all the names of the internationals, passed by the TO, are written on the jersey.

Both teams alternate between attacking and defending in the first 10 minutes. Toulouse Olympique strikes first and opens the scoring thanks to Josh RALPH, Jake SHORROCKS 6-0 after 8 minutes of play.

Halfway through the first game, Batley was rewarded after a highlight with Martyn Reilly scoring the try. Six points appear on the scoreboard, but the TO XIII reacts quickly. The Bulldogs get two Six Agains in a row and Anthony Marion weaves through the defense to score. The score turned, 12-6.

Toulouse Olympique find themselves cornered on the goal line during the last 10 minutes of the first period, Batley scores in the 38th, thanks to a try from James Meadows allowing the Bulldogs to pick up at 12-12. Parity score at the break.

On returning from the locker room, the Olympians are accelerating on all fronts. Offensive and defensive. Evidenced by the tests of Benjamin LAGUERRE, Maxime STEFANI who offers his first two tests at home. Jake Shorrocks sets the sights, 22-12.

The game drops a little in pace and no points are scored for 15 minutes before another try from Zach Santo. The former Limoux fullback has already scored his third try in two games, 34-12. Thanks to this success, the TO takes second place from its opponent.

Sylvain HOULES’ men retain their invincibility at home and regain 2nd place in the championship. The TO will play its next match in 14 days, against Keighley at Ernest Wallon. Make way for a well-deserved weekend of rest before facing the last 2 months of competition before the end of the regular phase.

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