7 juin 2023

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Secours Populaire - Liudmyla Havryliuk, Edouard Garzaro et Hiba Antoun

As every year since 1976, the Secours Populaire Français and its Green Santa Clauses have enabled the poorest to celebrate Christmas.

As every year since 1976, the Secours Populaire Français and its Green Santa Clauses have enabled the poorest to celebrate Christmas.

The 2022 edition was published on November 16 in Paris. On this occasion, nearly 5,000 children and their parents from all the departments of the Ile-de-France but also from Aisne, Aube, Eure and Eure-et-Loir, but also from Marne, Nord, Orne, Pas-de-Calais and Seine Maritime, were able to attend the preview of the Cirque Phénix show, “Rhapsodie”.
The annual reception of the Secours Populaire Français is held at the Musée des Arts Forains on December 6th.

The 2022 Christmas tour takes place throughout France but also goes beyond borders in Europe and around the world thanks to the solidarity networks of local partners.

The Green Santas campaign

This year, the Green Santas campaign was sponsored by actress Alice Belaidi. Started on November 16, it will end at the end of the year. It was also an opportunity to pay tribute to Mylène Demongeot, who recently died but also godmother of the campaign.

The Christmas period is even more complicated this year for the poorest, taking into account the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the ongoing health crisis and the decline in purchasing power linked to inflation.

So that everyone can celebrate the end-of-year celebrations with dignity, the Green Santa Clauses are mobilizing by criss-crossing France to help the Red Santa Claus and are multiplying solidarity activities thanks to financial donations, the distribution of new toys and party products. They are present with the poorest by offering gifts, new toys, food parcels to children, families, students, migrants, refugees, seniors and isolated people. The association also offers parades, outings, shows, circuses, sporting events, cinema screenings, vacations, restaurant meals, Christmas snacks and solidarity New Year’s Eves.

Who can become Green Santa Claus?

This Secours Populaire Français campaign is aimed at anyone, regardless of gender and age, to practice warm solidarity and offer immediate comfort to people in difficulty. In France, it welcomes volunteers for collections and distributions. Just put on a green cap, whether children, young people, students, workers, retirees, sportsmen or artists. There are many celebrities among the sponsors and ambassadors of the association. This is how we find Valérie Trierweiler, Pascal le Grand Frère, Anne Roumanoff or even Gil Alma.
Designers, painters, artists, photographers, journalists, etc… put their notoriety at the service of the SPF.

Companies can support the SPF through corporate sponsorship. Every year, the number of partners increases. This translates into financial or material support, a contribution of skills, knowledge or creativity. It can also be the development of a project, the sponsorship of an event or a campaign or the support of a whole section of the association’s activity.

“Supporting Secours Populaire means helping those who need it most, defending solidarity and ensuring that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is today an essential strategic and human choice for all companies and their collaborators.

What is Secours Populaire Français?

The Secours Populaire Français is a non-profit charitable association founded in 1945. Its mission is to act against poverty and exclusion in France and around the world, it promotes solidarity in all forms. In Paris, for example, it acts on the ground through emergency actions (marauding, listening, day care for the homeless, referral to accommodation or health structures, food and clothing aid. It also works in long-term support through housing, health, employment, legal or administrative assistance, school support or access to holidays, culture, leisure and sport.

The association coordinates or supports projects abroad in collaboration with deployed partner associations. It brings together people of all opinions, conditions and origins who wish to bring this solidarity to life. One of his mottos: “ALL THAT IS HUMAN IS OURS!” .

Although little known internationally, the SPF has acted within the framework of 150 emergency actions and development programs in nearly 60 countries and has come to the aid of 500,000 people. It is present in the event of an earthquake, cyclone, famine, epidemic, conflict, etc., including in countries where the political or humanitarian situation is difficult.