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Blagnac: end-of-year show a School of rock tradition

For over 17 years, the tradition has called for a 2 hour concert, featuring young people to demonstrate what they have learned over the year.

School of rock has been in existence since 2006, with a large contingent of students. Throughout these years, the partners and the municipality have been sensitive to the quality of teaching, concerts, as well as collaboration with the conservatory, the youth service, the school, etc.

At the end of each year, a concert is offered by the students of the school to demonstrate their ability and talent.

Like many associations, the School of Rock has been impacted for 2 years by the pandemic. The school was created by Véronique Sego, director, accompanied by 7 teachers (2 drummers, a pianist, and 4 guitarists) who instruct and lead each student between the ages of 9 and 17 to perform, but there are also adults and students who wish to learn to play an instrument or even to sing.

For its traditional end-of-year show, the Blagnac School of Rock continues its review of local venues: after the Petit Théâtre St Exupère, the Ramiers, the Odyssud hall, the Métronum, which performed at the Aria de Cornebarrieu Saturday, June 10 at 8:30 p.m., an annual tradition.

The teachers carried out a “The voice” type casting according to the level observed, developed a playlist then proposed to the students. We created ephemeral groups (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) for the time of the show.

Why did Véronique Sego create this school of rock?

After years on stage and in the studios, Véronique Sego wanted to help those who want to learn to sing, by opening the “School of Rock”, allowing everyone to approach music freely.

Open to all

The school of rock regularly organizes school interventions of initiation to MAO. Open to everyone from 13 years old.
No special musical or digital skills are required to attend. These sessions are led by Nicolas Raynier who offers a presentation of the basic principles of MAO.

At the school you can train on Protools and Ableton software.
The courses will allow you to approach the audio chain, sampling, drum machines, virtual instruments and the effects present in electro productions such as vocoders or auto tune.

THE WORKSHOPS: group practice are set up regularly throughout the year with all the instruments.
They are free for students enrolled in the school and are part of the collective practice learning cycle. The workshops last from 1 to 2 hours.


For groups already formed with a repertoire, Véronique Ségo offers adapted coaching to prepare for the stage or the studio.
– tempo work, rhythm cohesion, accuracy, listening;
– work on musical arrangements etc.
Véronique Sego offers songwriters professionalization support.

Guitar, bass, drums, piano and singing lessons are offered through the learning of songs chosen by the students themselves.
All the music exists at the school of rock, group workshops are offered for the preparation of the LIVE.

You learn to know your part, keep a good tempo, but the preparation of the live also allows the students to work for a real rock & roll show with lights, amps at full blast and an impatient audience every year.

You love music and want to learn the secrets and tricks of music, sign up for next year and get ready to be on stage at the next show.

Activities address:
45, bd Savary – 31700 BLAGNAC
[email protected]

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