22 février 2024

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The FFMCPPC (Federation of Angry Bikers Paris-Petite Couronne) was back in the streets of Paris on February 4th.

The FFMCPPC (Federation of Angry Bikers Paris-Petite Couronne) was back in the streets of Paris on February 4th. The rehabilitation of the motorcycle technical control was the reason.

The repeal of the decree of August 9, 2021 had buried the motorcycle technical control (CT2RM), yet 3 anti-motorcycle associations (Respire, Ras-le-Scoot and Paris without a car) have brought the CT2RM up to date by seizing the Council of State, deeming the alternative measures to derogate from European Directive 2014/45/EU insufficient.

On November 26 and 27, 2022, the FFMC called for national demonstrations, bringing together 35,000 motorcycles and 60 processions all over France. The federation regrets that the Council of State has nullified the work carried out in collaboration with the FFM and the services of the Ministry of Transport, which had made it possible to develop and strengthen alternative measures to technical control.
This is why the FFMC translated an open letter to the President of the Republic stating that:
In 10 years, the number of two-wheelers has increased by 30% while the number of fatalities has fallen by 19%.
A report announces that 10% of motorcycle accidents are due to a technical problem while independent organizations identify 0.5%.
More than 3% of motorcycle accidents are due to problems with road infrastructure and poor maintenance of traffic lanes.
Most manufacturers carry out free checks of 50 safety points on the motorcycles of their customers in dealerships.
The 3.9 million users of motorized two-wheelers represent only 2% of the national rolling stock and are only responsible for 0.5% of polluting emissions.
By making traffic more fluid, motorized 2-wheelers make a major contribution to reducing pollution.
(+10% motorcycles=-40% traffic jams)
Will the paid technical control improve the safety and environmental performance of motorcyclists? For them, it’s a new shot without warning on the 3.9 million users of 2 wheels.

Conditions of the Technical Inspection for motorcycles and scooters:
Should take place 5 years after the first registration, then every 3 years
Would concern vehicles of 125 cm3 and above but also 50 cm3
Pollutant emissions and noise levels will be checked (from 2023)
For the government, the price should not exceed 50 €., while the prices are supposed to be free.
The new decree would be ready but would await the end of the examination and the vote of the law on the reform of pensions. A consultation of 3 to 4 weeks should precede publication in the second half of 2023.

For Jean-Marc Berlotti, coordinator of the FFMC PPC, the 5-year report of the first technical inspection after the first entry into circulation of motorcycles and scooters is not sufficient, he asks for its deletion. “Such control is totally useless and represents a real extortion because only O.5% of vehicles have an accident because of their poor condition”…. “Technical control will not change anything in noise because a tiny minority of users in are the cause and an approved exhaust is put back in place in 15 minutes before a technical inspection”.

It should be noted that a winter break has taken place at Place de la Bastille. The FFMC has suspended its weekly biker aperitif, it will resume this meeting on sunny days.