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Benedetta De Luca: launches a message of inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival for actors with motor disabilities

Benedetta De Luca, on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2023 to launch an important message on the theme of Diversity and Inclusion.

Benedetta De Luca, on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2023 to launch an important message on the theme of Diversity and Inclusion.

It’s yet another brilliant participation for Benedetta De Luca, influencer on the social networks of Sala Consilina, who in recent days has walked the red carpet of the Film Festival with her crutches and a dress with sparkling sequins.

Invited to all the film festivals in Italy and to the Cannes Film Festival, Benedectta tries to bring an image of cinematic life where the actors have physical difficulties in walking. By her strength and her presence, in a wheelchair or on crutches, she climbs the red carpets of festivals every day, in Rome, Venice or Cannes.

On May 25, Benedetta, made her first international interviews with the magazine Coworking Channel and Impact European, accompanied by the Franco-Italian actress Sonya Mellah, who served as a translator, the interview was carried out inside the Majestic hotel in Cannes, in the Italian pavilion.

This year I did a lot of things, albeit in a few days, for example my first international interview. I then had the immense honor of being able to take part in the screening of two of the three Italian films in competition: Rapito by Marco Bellocchio and Il sol dell’avvenire by Nanni Moretti.

The red carpet means a lot to me. I would like to be able to tell my granddaughter and teenager who hid her handicap that one day she will pose proudly in front of so many important photographers on a red carpet as prestigious as that of Cannes. In this way, I would like to transmit strength to many people with and without disabilities”.

I was born with a congenital malformation, sacral agenesis, a disease that affects the last vertebrae of the spine, which are involved in the development of the abdomen and the legs. It is a rare disease. I’ve had 18 surgeries since I was little, the last one when I was 12.

I spent my life in hospitals, between operations and treatments. Today, I bring a message to screenwriters and directors, for actors who have disability issues. “Writers need to write beautiful roles that are suitable for the disabled, and directors need to give them the opportunity to express themselves. Don’t just come up with roles where they express the pain of a lifetime, and don’t just bring their image into bad roles, give the opportunity to experience a moment of love, an idyll where the life of people with disabilities is easily understood.

Give them a chance to feel that they can be understood and loved, like normal beings. We each have a soul and we are human, we cry, we laugh, we sing, we suffer. Nothing is different, everything is normal. While they are normal actors like all actors.

“All women, even those with an atypical physique, should feel beautiful and good about themselves, and remember that there is no good or bad body and that we all deserve to be loved” .

However, in just 36 years of life, she has already done a lot: she graduated in law, with a thesis on the rights of people with disabilities, she opened an “inclusive” fashion line, and she is a real influencer. on Instagram, with important collaborations.

Over the years, a loyal community has been created that is interested in the messages of inclusivity that I send out. I also appreciate the good faith of many people, perhaps unfamiliar with the subject: for this reason I explain in an irreverent but clear way that certain comments like “But you are really beautiful, you do not seem handicapped” deeply hurt my femininity.

I am a positive person, but I have ups and downs, like everyone else! I am not extraordinary: everyone is, each of us has our own extraordinary load of effort in life to manage. When disability is no longer relevant, it will really be necessary to be accepted by society.

Benedetta De Luca, affected by an illness that has made her disabled since childhood, has repeatedly turned on the lights on disability in Italy and abroad, always launching important social messages at important events.

Also actress Sonya Mellah, explains how she played the role of a teacher for a sudo-dumb girl, and that she understood how important the role of society is in helping each person to be normal and not labeled according to its appearance.

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