2 octobre 2023

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The Art3f fair brought together more than 200 artists in Paris

More than 200 artists were able to present and sell their works to visitors, art lovers or collectors. Gallery owners were also present to exhibit paintings, sculptures and photographs by various artists.

More than 200 artists were able to present and sell their works to visitors, art lovers or collectors. Gallery owners were also present to exhibit paintings, sculptures and photographs by various artists.

The international contemporary art fair, Art3f was held for the 10th edition, from January 27 to 29, 2023, at Paris Porte de Versailles.

The Art3f show is a privileged place of exchange between artists and neophytes or art collectors. It allows everyone to discover contemporary artistic works at affordable prices.

A certain number of artists were already present during previous editions of Art3f in Paris.

This is particularly the case of Arnaud Duhamel. His abstract paintings evoke large cities with skyscrapers in geometric shapes and various colors.

Philippe Viejo, meanwhile, draws his inspiration mainly from his travels to create his paintings. His work invites viewers to question themselves. We can give the example of his painting representing a “pizzly” which is a hybrid, between a polar bear and a grizzly; usually, these two species of bears do not meet. The pizzly could be a new species of bear spawned by global warming; the rise in temperatures having forced these two types of bears to find themselves on a common territory. The city painted partly on the pizzly could also make think of a growing urbanization which encroaches on nature.

The artist has also created several paintings inspired by his visit to Mexico City, where he experienced the devastating event of the 2017 earthquake. On this show, he mainly exhibited animals and people known throughout the world, such as Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Charlie Chaplin, Coluche, …

To create his works, he uses resin in particular and brings out shards of it as if to represent ice cream, for example in the pizzly painting.

Michel Deluen was also present again to exhibit his art photographs. On the occasion of this show, he presented landscapes on the theme of the sea.

A first at Art3f

For other artists, it was a first at this Art3f show.
Kimbokja presented his terracotta and bronze sculptures. She finds her inspiration in the mythological, fantastic and animal universe.

Caroline Hulin, for her part, is inspired by the Street art and Pop art trends. To create her portraits, she uses, among other things, acrylic paint and in particular creates collages of newspapers or wallpapers. The artist particularly enjoys making paintings highlighting strong personalities who marked their time. She attaches great importance to the gaze of each person painted to express what characterizes them.

For Diane Droisier/Artémis, her paintings are nourished by her travels. She likes to collect broken shells, polished glass, tropical seeds, stones or sand, thus contributing to the realization of her works.

The Excellence Art Gallery also exhibited some of the works of several artists.

Kamien Cholewinski is a photographer specializing mainly in the fields of fashion, portraiture and art. In the living room, her photographs depict a modern-day Marie-Antoinette. There is an interesting mix between the past and the present. The wig recalls a symbol of nobility of the old regime on which brightly colored flowers are added. The fly has been replaced by a jewel. In one of the photos, we see her holding an electronic cigarette customized with lace reminiscent of the fashion of the past.

The artist presents in another photo, a doll with two heads in psychedelic colors; it evokes mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Artist Maria Goretti Bello Serans, creates stained glass works based on replicas of her oil paintings. She specifically selects the colors and textures of the glass, to ensure that their combinations produce beautiful plays of light. All of these works of art are made in the traditional way of leaded stained glass seen in cathedrals.

We invite you to meet these artists to discover their art.

The next Art3f show in Paris will take place in the fall, from September 22 to 24, 2023. Until then, the Art3f show will be established for three consecutive days, in several other cities in France (Toulouse, Nantes from September 10 to 12 March, Reims from March 17 to 19, Strasbourg from March 31 to April 2, Lyon from May 12 to 14, Menton from July 7 to 9, etc. and in European cities (Zurich from April 14 to 16, Kortrijk from 2 to 4 June, Monaco from August 25 to 27, Luxembourg from September 15 to 17). In October and November 2023, other cities will also host the show, namely La Roche sur Foron (Haute-Savoie), Marseille, Bordeaux, Mulhouse and Brussels.