2 octobre 2023

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On February 6, the entire film crew was present at the Grand Rex in Paris (75002) to present Alibi.com's second opus.

In 2017, Philippe Lacheau and his band made up of Elodie Fontan, Didier Bourdon, Julien Arruti or even Tarek Boudali, etc., decided to make his first film on the adventures of Greg, founder of the company Alibi.com.

Founder of the company Alibi.com, with his partner Augustin and his new employee Mehdi, Greg has devised schemes to cover their clients, but that was without counting his meeting with Flo from whom he hides the nature of his activity.

Building on the success of the first opus, with 3.6 million admissions in France, Philippe Lacheau and his team repeated the experience 5 years later with Alibi.com 2. While he closed his agency and was going to marry Flo promising not to lie to her again, Greg will have to face it. However, it won’t be easy with a crooked dad and a glam ex-actress mom. He must therefore find presentable false parents to prevent the ceremony from turning into a nightmare. The friends found Didier Bourdon and Nathalie Baye (parents of Flo) and surround themselves with new acolytes: Gérard Jugnot, Arielle Dombasle, Gad Elmaleh, Alexandra Lamy and of course their accomplice from the beginning Reem Kherici.

A preview in the presence of the film crew

On February 6, the entire film crew was present at the Grand Rex in Paris (75002) to present Alibi.com’s second opus.

Released in theaters on February 8, Alibi.com 2 was previewed out of competition at the Alpe d’Huez Festival, which was held from January 16 to 22, 2023.