20 juin 2024

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Abdel, the Cannes barber to the stars

Or how to go from high-level sport to celebrity hairdressing on a private jet.

Or how to go from high-level sport to celebrity hairdressing on a private jet.

Abdel Bourahla played football at a high level and was due to sign for Spain when covid arrived.
Compulsory confinement is a disaster! His world is falling apart. Hyperactive, he cannot stay without doing anything.
He misses football, he feels stress which leads him towards the beginnings of depression.

It was then that one of his close friends, a hairdresser by trade, suggested that he learn hairdressing.
He begins by cutting his father’s hair, then that of this demanding friend who helps him improve from his mistakes, and also his own.

“When I cut my hair, it calmed me down, it took me away from the stress and the lack of football,” he says.
Then it’s deconfinement.

Abdel, who holds a BTS in international trade, sends CVs to find a job, without success.
Having only 120 euros left in his account, he does odd jobs as a waiter, valet, and quickly realizes that he is going the wrong way. He has nothing left to lose and he goes for it.

He opened an Instagram account, created a logo on Canva, created a flyer and launched his barber services.
10 euros per cup. He buys good equipment, clippers, scissors, combs, for 140 euros. He can’t even afford a scooter and travels by bus or on foot, from Cannes to Nice, from Grasse to Antibes…

A grueling job that pays him little, but he immediately invests his earnings in new equipment.
“The material is very important, it’s 50% of the quality of the cut,” he says.
Little by little its clientele will expand.

Abdel is a fighter. He always wants to move forward and be perfect in everything he does.
His mother supported him enormously, she is his number one fan.
A good hairdresser, he says, is someone who knows how to listen, organize and plan.
He is a psychologist, facialist, beautician, makeup consultant, dermatologist, etc.

The personalities he deals with are looking for advice, an identity and he supports them in this quest for their image on the networks.

Some of his clients are very complicated, others give him carte blanche.
He is currently a specialist in men’s hairdressing – beard and hair.

He works throughout Europe, by appointment, often traveling by private jet to style the hair of these stars for whom time is of the essence.

Abdel has great human qualities, cultured, fine, elegant, knowing how to remain humble, maintaining self-esteem without excessive ego, leaving time to live and play sports… a little football from time to time.

The values ​​of justice and loyalty are important to him.
It is thanks to these assets that he was able to progress and rise to a high level in his field, “barbering the stars”.

Abdel has ambitions and projects.
Currently, there is only the CAP to become a “barber” in 2 years. No state level institutions.

A school could be established for further training.
And Abdel feels able to take on the role of trainer, teacher, consultant, columnist on Fashion TV for example.
The journey of DJ Snake, DJ, composer, producer, director, model of success, is strongly similar
to that of Abdel.

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