6 octobre 2022

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A prize list which particularly highlighted the talent of the younger generations

With 76 films scheduled, a record in the history of the event, including 15 competing for five of the six Amilcar awards, the 44th Villerupt Festival has particularly highlighted the talent of the younger generations of Italian filmmakers.

With 76 films scheduled, a record in the history of the event, including 15 competing for five of the six Amilcar awards, the 44th Villerupt Festival has particularly highlighted the talent of the younger generations of Italian filmmakers. A succession embodied by the actors Grecia Rotolo and Pietro Giuliano who marked their presence on stage.

The winners unveiled during the closing ceremony of the Amilcar (first name of the Lorraine sculptor Amilcar Zannoni) prize-giving ceremony on Friday, November 12 in the Salle des Fêtes of the Town Hall of Villerupt therefore mainly rewarded works of firsts, seconds even third generations by distinguishing Il cattivo poeta (first feature film by Gianluca Jodice, Amilcar du Jury), Atlas (second feature film by Niccolò Castelli, Amilcar du Jury Jeunes), A Chiara (last part of the trilogy on the Calabrian town of Gioia Tauro signed Jonas Carpignano, Amilcar de la Critique) or Marilyn ha gli occhi neri (third feature film by Simone Godano, Amilcar du Public). The latter award was greeted with enthusiasm on the networks by the actor of the film Stefano Accorsi.

Amilcar Ceremony – 44th Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2021

For the record and reminder:
Sculptor Amilcar Zannoni was born in Bagno di Romagna on August 7, 1922 in Italy to a family of three children. and died on June 6, 2009 in Jœuf en Meurthe et Moselle.

His parents came to work at the Moutiers mine and Amilcar knew the mine well from having worked there for many years until he fell ill. He then turned to the material from the bowels of the earth: iron.
The ore that gnawed at man made him an artist. Through his work as a sculptor, he set the mark of the iron that brought this whole region to life.

He tried his hand at sculpture for the first time, in early October-late December 1959, during a stay at the miners’ rest home in Vence Alpes-Maritimes. In March 1962 he decorated the church at Moutiers and in May 1971 he created the magnificent Valleroy monument dedicated to Soviet soldiers who died in deportation.

He exhibited three years in a row 1971 – 1972 – 1973 at the “Salon des Artistes Français” in Paris, then he exhibited in 1972 – 1973 – 1974 at the Galliera Museum, “the painters witnesses of their time”.

In September 1981 he participated in the Minsk Exhibition in Belarus. He was also the godfather of the college of Aumetz in Moselle where he came at least once every year to visit the students.

  • THE AMILCAR DU JURY was awarded to IL CATTIVO POETA (THE POET AND THE DICTATOR) by GIANLUCA JODICE with special mentions to Anima Bella (for Madalina Maria Jekal) and Takeaway (for Carlotta Antonelli).
  • THE EXPLOITANTS ‘AMILCAR was awarded to ARIAFERMA by LEONARDO DI COSTANZO with a special mention to Piccolo Corpo.
  • THE CRITICAL AMILCAR was awarded to CHIARA by JONAS CARPIGNANO with a special mention to Anima Bella.


  • THE AMILCAR DE LA VILLE DE VILLERUPT was awarded to FRANCESCO BRUNI, screenwriter and director.

Francesco Bruni was born in Rome in 1961 but grew up in Livorno. It was there that he met Paolo Virzì very early on and a long friendship began. After their secondary studies, Paolo joined the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome while Francesco began studying classical letters.

But very quickly he followed in Paolo’s footsteps and also joined the Centro sperimentale. Their professional collaboration then began and Francesco became Paolo’s official screenwriter, from La bella vita (1994) to Il capital umano (2014, Les opportunistes).

He also collaborates with Mimmo Calopresti for whom he writes the scripts for his first four films. Famous above all for his talents as a comedy scriptwriter – Anche seè amore non si vede (Ficarra and Picone, 2011) Lasciati andare (Francesco Amato, 2017) – he is chosen to adapt for television the series of Il commissario Montalbano and others adaptations of novels.

In 2011, he signed his first production, Scialla! (Prize for best feature film at the Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti section; Amilcar du Public at Villerupt). In 2014 he presented his second film Noi 4 in Villerupt. He then directed Tutto quello che vuoi in 2017 and Cosa sarà in 2020.


For its 2021 edition, which took place from October 29 to November 14, with more than 30,000 spectators welcomed in theaters this year, the Italian Film Festival of Villerupt is happy and proud to have been able to count, despite a health context complicated, on the presence at his side of his audience, his partners, his volunteers and actors of the cinema.

Even if admissions have fallen by 25% (30,000 admissions against 40,000 in 2019) – a trend reflecting the erosion of attendance affecting the entire film industry in France – this 44th edition was a great success. .

Festival guests:

  • Marco Tullio Giordana and Luciano Miele, actor;
  • Dario Albertini director of the film Anima Bella;
  • Renzo Carbonera, director of the film Takeaway;
  • Cristina Comencini, Amilcar de la Ville 2020.

Supporting the future of cinema by highlighting its rising values ​​has always been one of the major concerns of the Villerupt Festival, whether through its programming, with a large proportion of first, second or third works, or times exchanges between young people and professionals, like the meeting set up this year with the Greater Region on the theme “Cinema and young audiences”.

This gaze turned towards the horizon of the 7th art, the festival likes to combine with the honor of those who make or have made the history of Italian cinema. Recognized authors such as Francesco Bruni (Amilcar de la Ville de Villerupt 2021), Cristina Comencini, Marco Tullio Giordana who were welcomed this year, Leonardo Di Costanzo (also present and who received the Amilcar from the operators for Ariaferma), or Dino Risi to which a retrospective was devoted.

In 2022, the Villerupt Festival will celebrate its 45th edition from October 28 to November 13, an edition marked by the first screenings taking place at L’Arche, Micheville’s new cultural hub. Beautiful moments of cinema and sharing to come …