26 janvier 2023

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The Yellow Vests active in the streets of Paris for almost 4 years

Saturday April 30, 2022, two Yellow Vests demonstrations each on their side, in Paris, on the eve of May Day.

Saturday April 30, 2022, two Yellow Vests demonstrations each on their side, in Paris, on the eve of May Day.

The Yellow Vests have mobilized for the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron, the exit from the European Union, against compulsory vaccination and the vaccination pass, for the modification of the constitution with the establishment of the RIC. For the abolition of VAT on basic necessities including energy. For Social and Fiscal justice, respect for the Munich Charter by journalists and the media. For the reinstatement of all suspended caregivers, for Popular sovereignty, the requirement of an investigation of the presidential elections. Truth and transparency of the many post-Covid injection victims. No to global governance. Respect for the separation of powers.

Charter of duties and rights of journalists known as the “Munich Charter”

The Yellow Vests demand that information and freedom of expression be true, that each journalist or media ethically respect what is provided for in the “Munich Charter”.

But what is the ethical obligation of the “Munich Charter” for a journalist?

The essential duties of the journalist, in researching, writing and commenting on events, are:

1. To respect the truth, whatever the consequences for oneself, and this, because of the public’s right to know the truth.

2. Defend freedom of information, comment and criticism.

3. Publish only information whose origin is known or accompany it, if necessary, with the necessary reservations; do not delete essential information and do not alter texts and documents.

4. Do not use unfair methods to obtain information, photographs and documents.

5. Commit to respecting people’s privacy.

6. Correct any published information that proves to be inaccurate.

7. Maintain professional secrecy and not disclose the source of information obtained confidentially.

8. Refrain from plagiarism, slander, defamation and baseless accusations as well as from receiving any advantage due to the publication or deletion of information.

9. Never confuse the job of journalist with that of publicist or propagandist; not to accept any instructions, direct or indirect, from advertisers.

10. Refuse any pressure and accept editorial directives only from editors.

Any journalist worthy of the name makes a point of strictly observing the principles set out above; recognizing the law in force in each country, the journalist accepts, in matters of professional honor, only the jurisdiction of his peers, to the exclusion of any governmental or other interference.

At the same time, the reintegration of 15,000 caregivers who have not provided proof of their vaccination have been suspended and have not received a salary since last September.

Traveling to Barbazan-Débat, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, the President of the Republic mentioned, Friday, April 29, the possibility of lifting the vaccination obligation for nursing staff.
“If it continues to fall in the coming weeks, we will go in this direction,” assured the head of state.
“With regard to the caregivers who have been vaccinated and who have made the ethical effort, we cannot, while there are still cases, reintegrate them immediately”, specified Emmanuel Macron in the middle of the crowd.

Requirement to lift the defense secret regarding this health crisis!

Emmanuel Macron declared that he was “going to war” against a… virus, announcement made in March 2020.
Today, the yellow vests took to the streets of Paris to lift the defense secret in the face of the health crisis.

Attaching secrecy to the decisions taken by the “health” defense council deprives parliamentarians of the power to properly control the action of the government (implementation of its responsibility – art 49 -) and that of the President of the Republic (vote for the dismissal of article 68 ‑ 2007 version ‑)

But the National Assembly criticizes the imposition of the government and of President Emmanuel Macron, through the defense secret and asks through the bill 5003 of February 8, 2022 to be lifted, this one ordered urgently by the defense council sanitary because it is unconstitutional.

The deliberations of the body known as the “health defense council” are not subject to the rules of “defense secrecy”.

There may be no obstacle to the communication of the minutes of its deliberations and related documents, including to citizens.

Defense councils are not made to develop a health policy. According to the Constitution, defense relates to the question of national security falling within the role of the armed forces and, with the evolution of threats, to security questions falling within the competence of other services as the 2009 decree clarified. The hybrid aspect of the Health Defense Council, both dealing with the country’s defense and security policy and dealing with health policy, establishes a new assembly created ad hoc without its scope, function and composition being clearly defined and transparent. Indeed, its existence is defined neither in the law nor in the Constitution.

Whenever certain problems arise in terms of purchasing power or the economy, the population expresses itself, for more than 4 years the decisions imposed by the government have provoked negative reactions and determined the citizens to mobilize to make in the face of social but also economic events which lead to the degradation of the social system.

After purchasing power, another point that will bring national unity is retirement at 65, a situation that has determined citizens to react and come together on May 1 at the national level while also being International Labor Day , to challenge the decision of President Emmanuel Macron.