26 janvier 2023

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Singer Sloane mobilizes for our elders

The Covid-19 did not leave the artists indifferent. Many have taken inspiration from this to mobilize and support hospital staff, as well as those at the forefront of the pandemic. Ehpad and geriatric services are part of it.

The singer Sloane of the legendary duo “Peter & Sloane”, “The Great Forgotten of this National and Global Disaster”, “Peter & Sloane wished to pay tribute to them.

With Richard Sanderson (La Boom), she took the challenge of raising funds. To do this, she asked her friends artists of the 80s, “this great family loved by the French”, to use the title “For all those who will love each other”, which she interpreted with her acolyte Jean-Pierre Savelli (Peter).

To launch the operation, a first clip was produced by Richard Sanderson, with the recorded collaboration of their home of Pat Ottawan, Francky Vincent, Sacha, (Early Evening), Christiane Obidole (Zouck Machine) Christian Raft, Pauline Ester, Sabine Paturel, Alain Llorca (Gold), Bebert (The Forbans), Pedro (Macarena). Some of them raise a sign that reads “You, our elders, we love you, courage”.

Jean-Luc Lahaye, Lio, Phil Barney, Janiece Jamisson, Thierry Pastor, Vivien Savage, Jean-Pierre Morgand, Patsy as well as the Choir Du Nord “La Serre Enchante” joined the collective for the final clip.

A new and beautiful initiative whose donations will be donated entirely to the AP-HP geriatric hospitals. So “Need You, want to help”.

Video Clip:

Site: www.soutenir.fondationaphp.fr/chanteurs 80

Visuals: (C) DR./Press Service

Sloane (Chantal Richard) en backstage lors de l avant premiere du film Stars 80, La Suite, realise et produit par Thomas Langmann et du concert donne a la suite de la projection a la veille de la sortie nastionale, a l Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, le mardi 5 decembre 2017, a Paris, France, Europe