3 février 2023

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Sicilia-Bella Syracusa is the 100% French made-to-measure and ready-to-wear collection by Laurence Charnay that makes all women dream.

On Tuesday May 10, Haute Couture designer Laurence Charnay inaugurated the pop-up store for her Spring-Summer 2022 collection at the Artyrie showroom at the Hôtel Normandy (75001). You could discover it until May 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment.

This new collection bears the name: “Sicilia-Bella Syracusa”. It evokes the sun, the sea and the Sicilian warmth thanks to the flowers, citrus fruits and fish found on the fabrics used by the designer. It’s also a nod to her favorite designers, Coco Chanel and Yves St Laurent, as well as to the 1950s and 1960s.

The models

Laurence Charnay’s fashion is for all women, it is fresh, chic, elegant and practical. There are small suits, flared skirts, summer dresses, shorts
and evening dresses.
In addition, it adapts to women who have undergone disabling surgery. This is why the slogan chosen for the house is: “Be fabulous in LC”.

The materials used are noble materials such as silk, organic cotton, linen, seersucker (cotton crepe that does not need to be ironed), jacquard or tweed. Most clothes can be machine washed at 30 degrees and 600 rpm. The colors are more orange or beige and the patterns are inspired by Van Gogh (sunflowers), Matisse or Picasso.

Who is Laurence Charnay?

Laurence Charnay is from Dordogne. She grew up in Versailles but currently lives in Strasbourg where she develops her collections.

With parents in the medical field, she followed in their footsteps, although her passion is drawing and sewing, which she inherited from her grandparents, grandfather and grandmother, a drawing teacher.

Wishing to enter the Beaux-Arts, he was advised against and turned to foreign languages. This is how she left for Germany to study there. After her marriage and the birth of her children, she resumed her medical studies and became a nurse in Strasbourg, then a cancer health manager. After that, she held a teaching position in a vocational training school in Paris, while continuing to be passionate about sewing by creating curtains, dresses and pants.

In 2017, she thought of combining her skills in the field of oncology with those of fashion. Thanks to beautiful encounters, she decided to create her own collection and presented 7 models in 2018, the Fashion Night Couture lots. It’s a real success, the idea of ​​hiding a gastric pouch under an invisible zipper is revolutionary.

The LC Laurence Charnay house was born in 2019 with the LC Inclusive Fashion line for women who have undergone disabling surgery. At the end of the same year, she enrolled in Fashion Style for a distance training as a stylist and to refine her knowledge.

Despite the pandemic, she presented her collection at the FNC at the end of 2020, but the planned presentation at the EIDM school was postponed to February 2021. She was preparing her new Sicilia-Bella Syracusa collection.

Sicilia-Bella Syracuse Collection

In the collections of Laurence Charnay, we find the elegance of the stars of the 1950s like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn but also the charm of Versailles and Marie-Antoinette.

For the Sicilia-Bella Syracusa collection, the designer was inspired by Sicily. This is how we find citrus fruits, fish and flowers such as sunflowers. Customers can also choose their designs which she paints herself on the fabrics.

We discover skirt, trouser or short suits but also trapeze skirts, blouses, little tops, summer and evening dresses with V necklines or stoup in the back, adorned with lace. The long dresses are in silk, draped and inspired by Antiquity. A detail, the small button placed at the top of the hollow pleats of the back of the skirt or at the tip of the V neckline.

Sicilia-Bella Syracusa is the 100% French made-to-measure and ready-to-wear collection by Laurence Charnay that makes all women dream.

Cancer does not prevent her from being beautiful, Laurence applies this doctrine to her house symbolized by the word SHE meaning: “She is “LC”; She knows “LC” to create. She knows “LC” to adapt; She knows “LC” to seduce!; She knows “LC” to personalize your look.