29 septembre 2022

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Exhibition: Thierry Mugler, “Couturissime” Museum of Decorative Arts

Exhibition to discover until April 24, 2022 Decorative Arts Museum 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Thierry Mugler (1948-2022), is a famous French designer and couturier. He imagines aerodynamic and robotic silhouettes that will become emblematic. The couturier draws inspiration from science fiction and comic books to stage the garment and embellish it. He considers the costume as essential. The Mugler look makes history with its clothes with geometric figures and the myth of the perfect body that allows curves to be molded. In his work he has a real vocation for the show and he tried to make people stronger than they appear to be. Stars and rhinestones make the couturier understand that with celebrities comes fame!

Genius stylist, Mugler remains fascinated by the Gothic of Strasbourg Cathedral, he was born a few steps from this monument. The images and styles offer his fashion monumental sculptures with a skilful play of proportions and perspectives. Former professional dancer, fashion allows him to impose his vision, his casting, his light and his soundtrack. Mugler in the 1970s invented a modern, chic, urban and whimsical woman. The hats are oversized and the architectural silhouettes are wasp-waisted. Vinyl and latex make their appearance and allow a bold and innovative approach. Elegance according to the couturier is nerve and courage…

Five years after launching his brand, Mugler says he wants to make a perfume with a scent so delicious, you’ll want to eat it. He had spoken of a smell of sweets, chocolate and caramel, reminding him of his childhood. The young Mugler liked to sleep in the public gardens and he looked at the bluish star which shone more than the others. He interprets her presence as follows: “I had the impression that she was following me, guiding me, was my guardian angel and I told myself that there was certainly something better coming for me. She came to me”.

Exhibition to discover until April 24, 2022
Decorative Arts Museum
107 rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris