13 juillet 2024

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The gentleman of the Mode Hubert de Givenchy left us

It is with unhappiness that we learned the death from a great name of the French Highseam, Hubert de Givenchy who died out at 91 years on March 10th.

Its funerals will take place in the most strict intimacy, us with specified his companion the dressmaker Philippe Venet.

The world of the mode marked by the elegance of its creations.
Born in Beauvais in a Protestant family of Venetian origin, his/her grandfather Jules Badin, owner of the Manufacture of the Goblins and Tapestry of Beauvais initiated it very early has the love of the beautiful fabrics.

At the age of 17ans it was registered at the School of the Art schools.
After its beginnings in Elsa Schiaparelli, it was distinguished very early by the large dressmaker Cristobal Balenciaga to which it dedicated a worship which was never to be contradicted. Hubert de Givenchy will become thus one of the three spiritual sons of Balenciaga, with André Courrèges and Emmanuel Ungaro.

Balenciaga helped it to settle, found to him buildings, which occurred Georges V. Marisa Berenson and Audrey Hepburn were the customers headlights of the House. It also equipped with the American billionaires like Bunny Mellon, the Radziwill sisters, Jacky Kennedy, Mrs Patino.

Diana Vreeland writer of American mode enticha of this single person to the paces of JoséLuis de Villalonga, Givenchy then became synonymous with French elegance in the USA.
Very quickly, its creations were noticed by the large dressers of Hollywod and one started to send to him stars for a Re looking.

Viviane Blassel, celebrates it journalist of mode tells a anedote amusing on the misunderstanding of a meeting. One announced to Mr. de Givenchy that Miss Hepburn asked to see it and it was opposite Audrey Hepburn whereas it expected to see Katherine Hepburn.

After a little fresh beginnings, their relations are améliorérent and thus Audrey Hepburn became the muse and the friend who was going so much to contribute to the fame of Givenchy in the whole world.

Like Viviane Blassel with humour says it: very often, the great adventures start by a misunderstanding.
Of its many stays in the United States, it had acquired an acute sense of publicity, and it had a presentiment of that the cinema was going to propel the image of its house to the more high level.

It was one of the first French creators to understand the importance of the derived products such as the perfumes, glasses and scarves scratched and with the publiciser while being addressed to stars such as Suzy Parker, Jeanne Moreau or Marléne Diétrich.

I have the ocasion to meet it during a turning in its house of the avenue Georges V with Jacques Scandelari and Nestor Almendroz as photo director.
From the start one would have believed oneself on a plate of Hollywood cinema, with famous the chair in fabric endorsed with the first names of Michele, Mounia, Viorica and other Mannequins cabin.

It had an acute sense of the detail. Of very high size, of an aristocratic elegance, at the time of the presentation of its collections, it joined its mannequins for the final safety, dressed in a white blouse in Mastercutter, him who equipped the heads crowned like Farah Dibbah or Grace de Monaco.

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